The Alignment of Higher Self and Ego

Are they the so-called Good and Evil, Dark and Light, Right and Wrong?

“They are your guides for your Soul. Listen to both and hear their guidance but don’t become them while in Physical Human form.

You are not your Higher Self Incarnate.

It is your Soul who incarnated to be in an Human. When you return to Spirit, you reconnect with your Higher Self.

Your Higher Self offers you glimpses of knowledge and insight for you to learn with and grow with while being an Human.

Your Higher Self offers understanding of lessons learnt.

Light to guide you.

You are not your Ego.

That is your Human Litmus. For you to utilise to learn. Your trigger warning system in-built into your Physical Human.

Your Ego offers you reactions to encounters, with people and situations, for you to learn with.

When you return to Spirit, your Ego stays with the Physical and returns to Earth.

Ego and Higher Self are doing their own ‘thing’, their own work while harmonising with each other. For you and All.

What is Ego love?

It is a love of being our emotions, our struggles, our challenges, our reactions, our anger, our fears, our doubts, our desires, our addictions and so much more.

It is a love of being all those without wanting to leave them.

It is a love where we want to exist within, and as them.

It is a love where we disconnect ourself from our path.

It is a love where we take a seat at the side of the road and watch all go by.

What is Higher Self Love?

It is also a disconnected love.

It is a love where we want to remove ourself from our human experience.

It is a love where we disconnect ourself from who we came to be in this lifetime.

It is a love where we want to disconnect ourself, and therefore deny ourself, of all the lessons our ego wants to bring us.

It is a love where we deny ourself the lessons and growth associated with humanness.

It is a love where we try to avoid emotions, interactions, pain, Love, happiness and community.

It is a love where we miss essential experiences for our Soul’s growth.

So… What do we do?

Hear the Call of the Harmony which is Higher Self and Ego.

Bring them equally into this lifetime for a balanced, fuller growth experience.

Allow yourself to be held and guided in Equilibrium.

Observe if one is stronger than the other.

Consider if you’re denying one, or seeking one: Find that beautiful balance.

These two ‘opposites’ work the same. They are not so different, after all. They do not battle each other, they just do their own thing for the good of you.

Recognise the work they are doing for you, and your Soul will blossom.”


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