Attachment Awareness

“Tendril ~ A slender threadlike appendage… that stretches out and twines around any suitable support.
Tendrils respond to touch and to chemical factors.. adhering to suitable hosts”


We can’t tie ourselves to others. Strength is standing separate but alongside each other.

We dilute our strengths, our lessons, everything about us, when we attach to others. We do it to them, too, but that is not a concern we need to focus on when we are healing ourselves. That is their own path.

For our own self healing, focus on self. Be with others but not in others.

Otherwise, it can fast become a tangled mess of:

  • ‘Whose lessons are we experiencing?’
  • ‘Whose reality are we experiencing?’
  • ‘Whose thoughts are we experiencing?’

The energies entwine and we become a big blobby mess.

Untangle those roots, those cords. We don’t need to cut, dissolve, anything like that. It’s just ‘claim ours back’. Those tendrils that we put out and attached ourselves to someone else, just remove them. Take them back and put them within your own energy source, your own energy fields, your own self. They are a part of you not, somebody else.

Why do we attach to others?

Is there something about them we wish to have in ourselves, for ourselves? Essences of them we would like to have as an essence of our own? Qualities, characteristics we like about them, that we wish we were like?

We can’t just go in there, attach ourselves and suck it out of them. It’s for us to find that within ourselves and bring it up to the surface of ourselves. We need to go and find it within us.

Is there something about them we need to learn from that we are attaching to, to get closer to, to experience it more so we can process it ourselves, as a lesson for ourselves, possibly?

We need to decide if we are feeling it is a lack within ourselves. If it is something we want to ‘take’ energetically from someone else, we need to deal with that within our self.

That’s how we find that strength to stand by our self, with others, alongside others, but as our Self.

We can do this with our animal companions very easily.

We can form attachments with them. We can on days when we are needing extra love, extra cuddles. We need to be so careful to allow them, and ourselves, to function freely of each other while also being there to support each other.

It’s easy to demand attention when we are feeling needy.
It’s easy to project emotions when we are feeling emotional.
We are attaching ourselves, energetically, to them.
We are trying to make them extensions of ourselves.

Some animal companions are becoming status symbols. They are becoming accessories. They are becoming displays of our personalities, of our characteristics.

The energies are getting entwined. Another form of attachment.

Are we truly, unconditionally, loving our animal companion? Or anyone else around us, not just our animal companions.

Detach the need for a companion, and replace it with companionship. Unconditional companionship. Detach the reliance on them and appreciate the time we have together.

What they have to teach us, and what we have to teach them.

The joy of just being together, without creating extensions of ourselves. Without creating someone who either needs to be with us or we need them to be with us.

Check in with yourself and feel any tendrils reaching out and grasping onto those you love. Any desperation within yourself, any fears within yourself, relating to relationships you have.

See yourself sitting back, and observing your loved ones with love. Not with desperation to cling on, or attach yourself to them in any way.

Stand strong in yourself.

It allows you to be you, but it also allows your loved ones to be who they are without that mix-match of energies.

It untangles the energies.

Lions Gate Energy Insight

During a Reiki session with Cuddles today, at the peak of Lions Gate, I received this message from the Lion Realm and Cuddles, my Little Lion Man.

“This is a time for gentleness.

It is a time for gentleness; not fighting the changes, the shift, the feelings, the emotions that are coming up at this time but to sit quietly with them and to feel the strength in all those emotions that come with this time. To feel the strength within us, within all those emotions. The strength we have to flow, the strength we have to change and adapt to that change.

It is a time for us to realise, and be aware, of that gentle strength. Not the strength that comes with fighting, with resistance. That hinders change.

Soak yourself. Sit in the depths of the energy of this time, without any mind awareness but with a sensational awareness. The subtle sensory absorption.

Just allow that to come naturally; without looking for it, without externalising and searching, hoping for those sensations. Sit quietly with self and allow them to flow in, to you, rather than your energy flow out to meet it.

This is a time for shift to come to you. For you to keep yourself open and allow it to flow into, through, and shine from you. To radiate you from the inside, from deep inside, as those changes take shape as you form with this shift.

Power is not you. You are not power. You hold power. You have access to that. It doesn’t define you, it is a tool you have.

You have all these tools, at this time, within you: Essences of you.
These are not tools, or strengths, or superpowers that you will lose. You don’t lose them. You can forget where to access them. You can forget how to access them. You can forget why you need to access them, but they are there.

Remind yourself how to access your own true power, your own strength, through sitting gently and feeling it within you. Don’t wait to be triggered. Reconnect, often and deeply, with that deep, inner core strength. Feel it welling up from your Hara Centre. Feel it gently infiltrate your whole being, spreading, filling, empowering every channel through your physical body, emanating out into all your energy fields but feel it first fulfilling and purposefully strengthening, empowering your whole physical self as it soaks through every cell, every membrane, every energy channel throughout your whole physical self.”

Sit in the depths of the energy of this time, without any mind awareness but with a sensational awareness.
The subtle sensory absorption.
The Lion Realm and Cuddles

Cat Love

I was recently asking George about why cats are so adored.

Mentioning how much I adore him, I asked George why have cats, in particular, been so adored throughout history, to the point of worship?

George explained it’s because through them we recognise the strengths, the independence, the self-love inherent in us, without the self-consciousness; without thinking we are forming a God-complex about ourselves, without that ego attachment.

We are recognising, in them, what is within ourselves but can justify it as OK by making it about someone else. We’re not being self-conscious about it.

For various reasons, the ego is not happy to admit we can self-love, that we can adore ourselves.

We often have to make it about somebody else to make it OK.

When we do begin our journey with self-love, and reconnect with that, we can also reconnect with mixed and over-whelming emotions that are triggered by belief patterns associated with loving ourselves.

Many of us are taught, from a very young age, how putting ourselves first is selfish. We are programmed to think of others, and look after others, before ourselves.

The programmed belief patterns surrounding self-love can be so deep, the emotions so painful when they surface, that it is easier to continue as is and chose to ignore the damage we are doing to ourselves. We then continue to limit our growth and box ourselves. We enable these belief patterns to continue, develop and root themselves deeper within us and future generations.

I often find myself reminding clients and students, and therefore myself, self-love is not selfish. It is vital. The love we connect with and nurture within ourselves, by ourselves, is critical. It’s time to re-programme ourselves to care for ourselves first. Then share that love and care with others. It’s an old cliché but profoundly true: we cannot share from an empty cup. How many of us have kept trying, knowing we are exhausted, until our physical bodies kick in and force us to rest?

Thinking that Humanity has got to that point where we can’t love ourselves openly can seem sad, but we can. It’s just we can also be very conscious about loving ourselves openly, adoring ourselves and feeling so good about ourselves too.

To exist in love, including and especially self-love, without attachment, (attachment to reaction, result, condition or consequence), is incredibly free-ing. It is unconditional and a release from anything that limits us.

It is everything we love and recognise, within ourselves, at that soul level.

Other cats have previously shared, during communications, how they join us to help us find our own independence in love, to release the need to find love from others and help strengthen our own self-love.

George confirmed this during our recent chat, reconfirming that is the love a cat brings: that self-love, that appreciation for self, that confidence. Everything we ought to be doing for ourselves but find it justifiable to recognise it in others.

That’s why we love these guys so much because that it what they exemplify. That’s just what they are.


A belief pattern many of us juggle with involves creating a smaller, alternative version of self to accommodate others.

We can create a box for ourselves, consciously and/or subconsciously, through multiple self-deprecating actions.

By encouraging our self to think others are more worthy, more deserving or more important than us, we place them above our self thus enabling self-seeding cycle of low self-worth and low self-esteem.

It isn’t only humans we utilise to concrete these belief patterns either.

Any opportunity to discover ‘perfection’ in another, immediately and effectively limits and ‘boxes’ our own expanse of existence.

We subconsciously or consciously create ‘faults’ with our own self and can try to ‘shrink’ ourselves in an attempt to constrict or limit the effect of our perceived faults on others.

When we do this, we hand over our self’s power. We allow our self to be led by others. Not guided, but unquestioningly led. We limit, or even totally release, any self-belief in our own abilities and strengths to become reliable upon another we see as more worthy, more knowledgeable or more important. We contain ourselves within known comfort zones, effectively releasing and handing over responsibility and control of our own lives.

By placing anyone else on a pedestal, whether sky-high or just 5mm up, we diminish and belittle ourselves.

The first, baby step to change is awareness. Become aware of ‘shrinking’ or adapting your self to accommodate others. Realise your worth, your abilities and affect your world accordingly.

Begin, today, to reprogram your belief patterns and stand alongside others.

This message, received during a recent forest stroll, resonated strongly with this awareness and is one I felt to share to enable understanding for others.

“There is no hierarchy in life.
It’s a simple sentence but so profound when we actually contemplate its true depth.
There’s no hierarchy within species, between species, between food groups; the food pyramids.
There’s no food that is top of the pyramid. It’s what each individual is needing at that time.

Within species, no one being in a species is more important or better than the other. 
It’s the same between species. No species is better or more important than another.

We each have our purpose, we each have our role, our job; our own responsibly to be here and work together. 
Maybe the work you do is perceived in society as more important but it’s not. Without it, society may struggle but that is the same for every role, every purpose within humanity.

Consider the ants, the bees; so, so important. Very different roles to us. They each have their own roles but without them this world would not function.
Ecosystems would break down.

We are all even, all as important, all as functional, all in that ‘hierarchy’ on an even keel.
It’s just belief systems and society’s belief systems that create the self-importance and allow us to put others on pedestals so that we can make ourselves feel less worthy, putting us into our own comfort zones.

When we realise we are just as vital, just as important as all those roles society and ourselves see as as ‘most important,’ we realise we are critical, we realise our self-worth.

We can get the jelly legs to put ourselves up there but, hey, jelly sets hard.
Come on guys, let’s find ourselves.

It’s time to step up.
Step outside that ‘safe’ place, that self-created little box of security. A false security designed by the mind, only providing a stop-gap of stagnancy and slow/no-growth.

Declare your presence. Claim you, your space. Create your world, your reality.
You’re here.”

World Animal Day 2022

“Don’t forget us as you go through your own shift. We accompany you. Our energies are also involved. We support and accompany you through this process. Please stay aware of that.

We ask, not for reward or acknowledgment (that is ego), but so that you remain aware of our presence, for support.

Also because the awareness of our presence, our energies combining and involved, will contribute to the shift itself. It will amplify, strengthen and energise what you are achieving.

We exist as one.
We flow as one.
We shift as one and we create change as one.

Trying to do this alone, ‘thinking’ of being alone throughout this, separates you. By all means recognise what you need and require for your own purpose but also remain aware of the momentum as one, All.

We all move together. We move as one.

We speak of, as a consciousness. Your human involvement is as individual as you are.

Like the leaves on a tree, we are all individual but exist and work together as one for collective growth. Generations of leaves will grow, blossom, fall and return to the earth, transforming themselves and allowing space for the next generation to come through and grow.

The tree is aware of her/his existence because of, and with, the soil, Mother Earth, the animals and the elements. S/he knows that without each other s/he wouldn’t exist and produce. We all remember that and ask you to, too. To stay aware of that knowledge and keep it with you.

Reside in that understanding. Exist in, and with, that knowledge. That is where the most effective change occurs. Because of, and with, that energy. Because of, and within, that energetic zone.

That is what we all carry forward with us. That is the energy of forward momentum we seek to produce and expand. Feel it, yourself. Connect in with that yourself.

Jump in and energise that flow with us, as one river of energy.


That’s how we support one another.

With that momentum, we can afford to offer each other a lift when another tires. The collective flow carries those when they need, and keeps them moving with us all. Those who need to rest can do so while not being ‘left behind’. They remain supported and as one with us all.

One day it may be you, another day a loved one, another day a stranger you may never meet. Your effect is profound, even if you are not privy to the outcome.

We (the animals) do not exist for ‘results’. We do, we act, and we exist just because. Acting conditionally, for reward, praise, recognition and/or a specific, controlled, outcome is ego.

Be careful of acting for recognition or a reward, however small, significant or insignificant. That is conditional.

Just do, just be and just create what is needed, unconditionally, without the need to know the ramifications.

That is where the flow exists.”

Purpose of Roles.

Following two recent communications where triggered dogs expressed a need for a role within their families, I sat with the Animal Realm to ask more on this need.


“Why roles?”

Animal Realm:

“We need companionship.  This creates roles.  To work together, we need a ‘place’ in the team/family/community/society.”

“A role connects us, to each other.  It’s a bridge between each other.  The role is not us, it is a method, a means, a pathway.  It connects us all: to our divine purpose and this realm (the Physical Realm).”

The Animals shared the purpose of having a role wasn’t to fit in or be boxed, it is a need for a being: for us to function universally.

Each of us has a role as part of a community.  “The Wheel” as the Animals explained.  The wheel keeps moving forward when we are existing within our purpose. 

A role begets our purpose.  It enables it. 

Our purpose requires us to have a role/roles within society.  We are incarnated into physical form and therefore need methods, positions, opportunities to fulfil our purpose.  The role(s) we embrace/choose enables us to fulfil, navigate and achieve our purpose.

“To try and fit another into a role that conflicts with their purpose creates chaos, dis-order, dis-harmony and dis-ease.  It creates energetic conflict which can result in physical, emotional and mental conflict.”

The Animals continued to explain how any animal without a role would struggle to achieve purpose, humans included.  A sense of loss, frustration sadness and/or desperation can overcome the physical senses.  Apathy and disconnection, from soul and society, can present in anyone struggling to find their role in society.

“It creates an environment where a being gets disconnected from themselves and all around them.  Subconsciously or consciously, they prepare to protect themselves or self-destruct.  Alienation and isolation occur.  Detachment from society due to the lack of ‘bridging’.

Without a role we float alone, we are lost and struggle with ourselves for we are disconnected from our own purpose: why we are here.  We're isolated."

Roles are not in existence to allow us to ‘fit in’, they empower us to function as part of the Oneness, and for a being to fulfil their own purpose in the larger scale of existence. 

“It can take time to find our role, to slot into the place/space waiting for us.  Understanding, patience and awareness help that transition time; that time of ‘trial and error’.

For some, it flows immediately.  For others it’s chaos before the flow can begin.  When we find our role, we are on purpose.  Aligned and flowing in the direction of our Soul’s growth and needs. 

A role brings us to the connections we’re needing.  It brings interactions and experiences we seek and need. 

A role brings opportunities, lessons and growth.

Whether I’m a ‘Meeter and Greeter’ at your door, here to expand your heart or to teach you protection boundaries, self-love or trust, my role, my ‘job’ here with you is unique to me.

Awareness in the home:

We live with you, amongst you.  We connect and interact with you.  To have no role is to be defunct. 

We have a purpose, we all have.  That is given.

It is the role(s) to fulfil that purpose that we need assistance achieving.

Agreeing to co-habit and care for us requires you allowing us to fulfil a role within that relationship.  It will otherwise be imbalanced, one-way.

Even bringing a piece of furniture into your home: it has its role to play, as part of a functioning home.

Roles, ‘jobs’, within society enable us to fulfil our purpose.  They are not our purpose but tools offering opportunities.  Aids.”

The Role enables us to achieve the Purpose of why we are here.  As companions, species can work on this together, only if each has access to having the methods to do so.


“How can we help?”

Animal Realm:

  • “Consider potential in another.  Each of us owns potential but do we limit another’s?
  • Consider a need in your life. 

We join you for a reason, to help you. 

Why would a companion be in your life?  Offer them opportunities to assist you.  Try different roles, ‘jobs’, around the home and in your shared environment.

  • Consider your fears, your worries and concerns.  Could your companion be with you to assist you to face and work through that/those?

Take time to feel your companion and see if s/he is settling into a role.  See and feel if s/he is finding a role themselves.  Are they drawn to something in particular?

Work together to find roles because you came together for a reason(s).

Role Play.”

It’s selfless to self-love.

As an Empath, when you feel so much, it can be very challenging to remain open-hearted when you feel the world is struggling.*  

It is you who is struggling.  You are your world and your world is you. It is your triggers that are activated: your pain, your anger, your guilt, your frustration, your sense of helplessness.  Anything you need to work on is triggered.

When feeling the angst of the world, you feel the angst of your world.  They are One.  Your own world is the only world because you we are all energetically connected.

What you focus on and heal within you, you heal in the world. 

Assist others by helping yourself first.  It sounds like a cliché but we can be very dismissive of the ripple effect self-healing has on others.  It is very powerful and highly contagious.

You emit what you are, how you are. You energise yourself and others at the same time.

You can not give what you do not have. 

If you do not have peace and love in your own heart, you are not sharing peace and love.  If you are in anguish, fear and distress when sending peace and love to others, you are also sending those energies of anguish, fear and distress. 

It doesn’t happen because of. 

An awareness, when sending love, whether it is to make oneself feel better is vital.  That’s akin to gift-giving to make yourself feel better.  It’s an action from ego, not your heart.  Begin to switch the thought process; heal yourself to help yourself and others, rather than help others to feel better about yourself.  Fill your own heart with self-love and find your peace.

By taking the time to become aware of your own vibration, reconnect with your love and own peace, you re-energise humanity, events and this planet by default.

Human instinct is to fix things, to make it all better and make others feel better.  It’s the beauty of humanity.  It’s also the challenge for humanity.  We can often use helping others as a distraction and/or salve for our own challenges and conflicts.

A quick fix, an injection of happiness, won’t bring permanent relief from what is going on; the event that is triggering you.

Through understanding your triggers, your emotions; understanding yourself; you enable yourself to understand life events more clearly.  

You see in others what you understand or need to understand. 

If you feel comfortable with what you see, you probably understand it.  If you are not, you may need to understand it.

The moments and events that trigger your pain and hurt are, more than ever, when you need to focus on remaining open-hearted and not remain in ego-based spaces of judgement, anger, ‘fixes’ etc., especially with self.  As always, use the emotions, be aware of them but don’t become them, particularly when working towards resolution and understanding. 

Bringing emotion into your conflict will not assist in finding understanding.  Prepare by pausing to deal with your own emotions first, otherwise you’re bringing more emotion into an already emotionally volatile environment.

Become aware of what you are feeling, then take as long as you need to discover why you are feeling that.  Realise your own awareness and understanding of your experience so you can work on that.  For anyone feeling an inability to help others, this is a powerful exercise in healing. 

* Everyone feels, some more than others.

World Animal Reiki Day Message 2022


“Allow yourself to absorb it within, to savour the last experience, to receive its full effect.  By moving on to the next one rapidly, you only receive limited effectiveness.

Anything slow penetrates deeper and more thoroughly.  We control the speed of absorption, even if the stimuli is rapid.  Our reaction and openness affects how effectively we absorb.

Take things steady.  Slow your pace.  Feel your way.

Allow yourself to breathe and recover from each episode, each event, each moment. 

Like savouring a mouthful of food, savour each moment fully to get the full taste of life.

This is what life is about, why you are here.  Not to rush through it with partly-lived moments.  Each pocket of life has value.

This is why experiences can resurface. 

If you did not receive the whole part, you will receive the rest to complete the experience.  It is not that it keeps happening, it is just ‘the rest’ of what you received.  Parts of the whole, to complete the circle and come back to you.

This slower, more aware pace allows you to recover and adjust, to prepare and be ready for your next experience, your next moment.  Otherwise you may rush into that with the remnants of your last incomplete moment.  As that pattern continues, you build up many intermingled, unfinished moments.  That creates overload and overwhelm.

Complete each task fully, and clear life’s intray.  Steadily, methodically, in awareness and purpose. 

That is how you take control of your life.”

Mother Earth Day 2021

“When I’m calling you, I’ll wait for you.
When you’re calling me, wait for me.
Our connection doesn’t take time but your awareness of it may.
Your access to our connection may be restricted or interrupted but it is still there.
Be patient. I am here. Just like you are there.
We are always together while you are on this Earth.”

Mother Earth

Is Earth ‘One Being’ or ‘Many’?

“I am one, but many.  Like yourselves, formed from all the energies of those you meet but with your own identity. 

I am an Whole but made up of many parts.

What ‘makes’ me is you. On my own, I have no purpose, just like on your own you would have nothing.

I am you and you are me. We combine to create the Whole but are as individual as each other. Our energies combine, interweave and grow together.  At the same time, I am my own being with my own purpose and energy to share with others, including yourself.

You are all connecting in with the energy field of Me, just like you connect in with the energy of an individual animal, human or otherwise.

I am nurturing, compassionate, motherly and keen to set my wayward children straight, with love.  My frustration is combined with love, not the stress Humanity tends to attach to frustration.

You must want to help me.  Not help me because you think you should.  That’s the wrong intention.

To connect with me, sit and do nothing. 

Awareness.  Not a mental awareness but sensational awareness.

Sit in nature.  I do like to ‘show’ off all my creatures, children, who also assist sharing my energy.

Barefoot awareness brings sensational rather than mental awareness. Allow your senses to feel and receive what I would like to share.  Smells, sounds etc.  Allow them to come into ‘focus’.”

Mother Earth shared the following for connection with her: (Remember to always ask Mother Earth if she is OK with you anchoring yourself to her and connecting.)

If sitting, feel roots or a ‘rod’ down your spine into Mother Earth.

If you are unable to go barefoot, visualise roots, or rods of light, from your feet, hands and between your shoulder blades securing you firmly to Mother Earth.  Have your hands on either side of your body with your palms facing down.

Feel your energy flowing into Mother Earth and her energy flowing back into you, like a tidal movement or rolling wave, looping between you both.

All the way down your body, out of your hands and feet, and deep down into Mother Earth.  Then looping back up around your body and back down.

Another simple, visual technique shared by Mother Earth was to visualise yourself laying out on the planet, like Mother Earth has shrunk and you are huge.  Be on your back, passive and inactive, like you’re lying on a living mat.  Just lay there and be with her.

Mother Earth reminds us to “Just Be” for either/both techniques.

The World Interspecies Communication Practice Challenge 2020

Want and need. Love and Fear.

Shifting energies within relationships can find many of us struggling to recognise who and what we need in our lives, who and what we want, those who want us in their lives and those who need us.

This has been a recurring, powerful learning curve for me over the past couple of years with deep understandings continuing to come through. 

Wanting someone in your life, and being wanted, offers a very different energetic relationship to those needing or being needed. This includes ourself.

A relationship with someone founded on want brings appreciation, gratitude, enjoyment, fulfilment, joy and peace. It becomes a naturally balanced, higher vibrating relationship of freedom and enjoyment.  It is created from and exists in the energy of Love.

When the want shifts to need, it becomes fear-based. It builds pressure and bonds through conditions, expectation, judgement, lacking and reliance. Ego energy then binds that relationship founded on low energy Fear. 

Relationships can begin at a want/need stage and they can shift between both.

If it begins as a need, it’s very likely a trigger relationship created for a lesson. A lesson requested by that party at Soul Level.

We choose at Soul Level, before incarnation to a physical life, our relationships with others, places and times for lessons during that lifetime. 

It’s a want to help ourselves grow, to learn and understand.

When we begin to openly and honestly consider why the need is there, we shift the need aspect to a want.  A want to learn, to grow, to understand.  We shift the energy within that experience from fear to love, opening ourself up to a deeper understanding, perspective and insight.   The lessons will still come but from a space of gratitude and appreciation instead of judgement and expectation.

Want can transform into need, and vice-versa, while we sleep (literally and figuratively.)

We can be so distracted with our physical life, we become unaware of the silent, subtle yet significant energetic shifts within any one of our relationships, within and around us.

Regular check-ins with our self, our relationships with our experiences, our tribe, and all that is occurring in our own life will help raise awareness to any shifting going on. 

When energetic changes are occurring, consider the reasons and whether it serves your purpose.

Remember: shifts are occurring to teach.

Remind yourself, gently, that you wanted your lessons and bring yourself back to learning and experiencing in love, not fear.  Allow yourself to ease the challenge while still bringing the lesson you requested.  Living them as a need shifts their energy and dynamics making them more challenging and will roughen-up the journey.

Embracing all relationships, whether it’s one with our lessons, our self, another person, other species, a place or event, while remembering that we chose them because we wanted to experience them, releases the pressures and constraints of needing them. We shift the energy back to an experience/relationship within love.  Back to appreciation, gratitude and a more peaceful space.

We rediscover a peace and happiness at deep Soul Level because we are reconnecting with what our Soul chose, what we wanted.