“To enrich the lives of all beings by encouraging compassion, understanding and empowerment between all species.”

Nicola’s Mission

Over time, the ability to connect and communicate with our fellow animals, plants and Mother Earth has long been forgotten by many humans.  For us all to co-habit this beautiful world together, we need to understand and respect each other as individuals and as one energy.

Nicola is a practiced Interspecies Communicator and Reiki Master who has developed her energetic communication skills to relay messages to and from all species whether animal, plant, Mother Earth or guide in Spirit. 

She combines these communication channels with her practiced Reiki and Intuitive Healing techniques to bring understanding and awareness to others while continuing to learn more herself.

Nicola’s journey began with Animal Communication, which developed through study, practise and experience. This journey has naturally expanded into the world of Interspecies Communication as more beings connected with Nicola to share their messages.

Under the banner of The SunBird Collective, Nicola offers Distance and Home Animal Communication Sessions, Workshops, Intuitive Healings as well as Distance and Home Reiki Healings.  

Every being has a voice that is wanting to be heard.  It is time for us to listen and learn from what these voices are telling us, to hear their messages.

It’s time for all to be heard.