Sea Turtle Insight

Image: Laszlo Ilyes

A strong, determined, charming, wise and gentle being shared some insight on World Sea Turtle Day, today.

A huge ‘grandfather’ energy joined me when I asked the Sea Turtle Realm if they would like to share anything today.

His first words were,

Sea Turtle …… See the Turtle.  We are not past.  We are here and we are very much a part of your future, too.”

Surprised at the request for a communication, Turtle shared he “Just wanted to be heard. Isn’t that what we all want? Just because we are ‘down here’. ‘out here’ and are often not seen, it does not leave us invisible.

That is the same for all.

Our voices are clear and loud to those who are here. Also for those who know how to listen and hear what is not being said, verbally, in their physical locality.”

Turtle continued:  “Why rush?

What you need to encounter, your experiences, the ‘whos’, ‘whats’ and ‘wheres’ will wait. They will all be there when you need them to be and when the time coincides with why you need them. All the speed in the world won’t affect those interactions, those moments of connection and the synchronicities aligned to you.

Be graceful on your journey to and through these experiences.  Show kindness, humility and temperance.  You will have clarity and contrast, for you to appreciate and bathe in life’s experiences and events, rather than skim across them unaware and unaffected.

We are all soldiers.  In a Peace Army, for peace does not come passively.  That is a subdued peace.

Real peace, inner peace is an active process.  Stability comes from following the active peace process and movement.  We are an army, gentle and focussed, operating to manoeuvre those towards a vibration of peace.

We command ourselves.  We manoeuvre ourselves.  For we operate with trust for each other.

We trust and honour our fellow soldiers, that they are capable, purposeful, honourable and motivated as much as ourselves.

That is what Humanity will learn from us.

Observe our example.  Be empowered by your observations and subsequent connections.  When you truly observe, you connect.  You understand, and then a part of you connects with a part of us.

Observation is more than just looking at us.  It is a focussed seeing.  It is an untouched, combined experience.

You become a part of that moment with us.  It becomes your experience and a specific moment in your lifetime with us. That is a connection.  You see us and are with us, no longer indifferent to our existence.

Those observations and connections will bring you into your present.  While in that shared experience, you are not concerned with your past or worried about your future.

You are experiencing the now.

That is ‘being alive’.

That is why we are here, to fully BE.

It will also bring you awareness and empathy for more than yourself and your immediate existence. New worlds will be seen through fresh eyes.

Your re-assessed pace of existence will bring depth and dimension to moments unlike before.

Feel yourself leap out of your 2D page into a multi-dimensional adventure.  Your vibration will ripple and echo to be heard and felt by distant observers.

It is an exciting time to be changing with the shift in vibrational existence. It is a challenging shift so bathe in the possibilities of this deeper, wider yet subtle energy whose gentleness must not be underestimated or under-rated. Become as gentle as the energy to fully participate in her endeavour and be fully submersed in the energetic shift.

We are a kind race.  Find the kindness in yours, too.

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