Healing through Memories

“It is humans who forget their connections.

Our Souls remember but recall memories differently to our minds.
Souls recall via feelings or energy, the mind by thought and human sensory stimulation (triggers via our senses: images, touch, emotions etc.).  The latter reminds us of events but we tend to ‘reason’ them away with logic.
Our Souls store memories and recall them within our energetic bodies (physical, emotional and ethereal).
When we recall experiences via our Soul, we get notified via our energy fields which may present as physical ‘ailments’, injury, chronic conditions etc., or it may present via triggers which create certain emotions; anger, fear, mental illness etc.
Many animals from other species recognise and work with these indicators. Humans often forget that is a form of memory recall.”

This invaluable insight was shared by a caring animal companion in response to his person’s fears of being forgotten due to separation.

This shared knowledge helps us understand how we all have access to unlimited memories, from a multitude of sources and lifetimes, if we are prepared to open ourselves up to the signs.  We also need to know how to recognise the signs to reach those memories.

As this insightful companion shared, one source to these signs comes from imbalances in our own energy fields.  They can be energetic blockages, leakage or stagnation, which are all often precursors for emotional, mental or physical illness or/and injury.  Knowing the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of any energy imbalance will begin to release and rebalance these blocked, leaking or stagnant energies immediately.  Stress levels reduce, which will alter our physical, emotional and ethereal energy fields drastically.  We begin to heal ourselves just by acknowledging the cause.

Events from our present life, or previous lives, all have an affect our energy fields.  How we deal with these events determines the effect on our energy.  If unresolved, these events are stored as imbalances in our energy fields and will travel through lifetimes as ‘glitches’ in the Soul’s make-up.

An energy healing with the amazing Catherine Louise Birmingham showed me how one particularly traumatic event in a previous life had formed ‘scars on my Soul’.  These ‘scars’ had manifested as a physical condition in this lifetime.  Once I remembered the event through past life healing, acknowledged my emotions attached to that event and released them, my energy field rebalanced and my physical soon repaired herself without the need for surgery.

Memories of unresolved traumatic events, from any lifetime, whether present or past are ‘stored’ in our energy fields and alert us to them via an injury or illness.  Until we address that issue, the injury or illness will keep recurring, often intensifying if ignored.  That is how our present self is triggered, via our energy fields, to remember what we need to heal, however old the trauma.

Another source to memories are triggers received by our physical senses. Whether fear-based, trauma induced, belief patterns or learnt behaviour, these signs are easier to pick-up on than energetic signs.  Physical triggers, which also alert us to ‘issues’ needing healing, often bring memories of events and experiences much faster and clearer than energetic triggers.  (Any trigger is a signpost to an area requiring healing).

We are more likely to be alert and aware of something, or someone, who triggers a fear-based memory within us, than our Root Chakra being imbalanced because of a past-life experience. 

The latter takes patience, commitment and self-awareness to redevelop but is as effective as any physical trigger.
Recognising both sets of triggers and the multiple signs is key to discovering and experiencing a fuller holistic healing of Soul and Body.

Acknowledging these signs, from our physical body and energetic fields is a fundamental step in memory recall and Self-Healing.

By accessing the memories stored and recalling the lesson within that memory, we begin to heal deeply from within, a process only we can do.  Tools such as energy healing, past life regression, therapy, meditation, medication, essences, etc. can assist us to remember but the realisation and healing can only be fulfilled by the person with that memory.

Through this combined memory recall, of Soul and Physical, we are also able to access a well of knowledge and wisdom to understand:
‘Who am I?’
‘Why am I who I am?’
‘How do I interconnect and interact with others?’ and
‘What really is my purpose?’

Limited understanding becomes infinite as we are reconnected with this immense record of relationships, lessons and experiences through multiple lifetimes.

We can then use this understanding and knowledge to heal physical, emotional and mental ‘issues’ throughout this lifetime.

We can utilise the new-found wisdom to change patterns of behaviour and break cycles of ‘generational coding’.  Hereditary illnesses and cycles of trauma can be understood, processed and released.

By assimilating connections, interactions and relationships from previous lifetimes into our present one, we can resolve any unfinished agreements and/or lessons to bring peace and understanding into this lifetime.

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