Fears, threats and control

Mother Earth is facilitating change again.  Well played Mother Earth.
She has hit the ‘pause’ button on our busy-ness so that we may stop, look within, look around and question.
Taking this break to heal herself, Mother Earth shared:
“You are the Pandemic but you have been too preoccupied to see how far you have spread.”
Since mandatory isolation has been introduced in many areas, there has been:
  • waterways rejuvenating
  • wild animals returning to abandoned habitats
  • food excesses being shared with the needy
  • increased animal fostering opportunities
  • exploitive animal events being cancelled
  • communities working together to help those in need
  • families spending more time together
  • and much more.
It is a great time to pause, re-assess ourselves, our existence and what our being here with each other and Mother Earth is all about.
Through highlighting:
  • unnecessary travel
  • excessive buying
  • consumption
  • health
  • hygiene
  • leadership and control
  • self-awareness
  • our fears of vulnerability, death, lack of control, lack of purpose and so much more,
Mother Earth is bringing humanity back down to a local level of existence to be reminded of the basics.
Ironically, the act of separation is connecting us with so much more and gradually bringing us all closer together.
This current period of isolation also offers us an opportunity to reassess our own purpose and responsibilities here.
We are being asked to consider this perspective:
“by volunteering control of a situation to another, we are giving them permission to control our actions and, thus, enable ourselves to become victims of a fear-based experience.”
When we attempt to hand a ‘problem’ over to another, we empower it.  We then begin to slip further into ego and fear by asking someone else to ‘fix’ it.
Through trying to shift and release our responsibilities, to someone else, to change an event and its effects on our own lives, we surrender who we are and our purpose here.
Living in constant fear of stepping into our own real existence, we, instead, begin to live an existence created by, and led by, others.
The fear surrounding this latest threat to our species, COVID-19, has created chaos and when we exist in a state of fear-based chaos, our thought processes get severely jumbled.  We forget to connect with our heart centres and try to exist, solely, in our head-space, losing connection with all other sensory and energetic capabilities.  Humans do not focus and process logical thought the same when existing in fear.  A fearful person or group will often panic, shut down and/or look for someone else to take control of the perceived ‘threat’.
‘Leaders’ will assume management, disguising control as leading, and those existing in fear and chaos will gratefully accept this ‘leadership’ because they have been guided to believe they are helpless victims.
We are being encouraged and reminded:
“Break the cycle by believing to disbelieve.
Know that your thought processes, reactions and actions are yours, not something to offer another to control.”
Control will continue until each one of us reclaims our responsibilities and realises we are the navigators of our existence, our thoughts, actions and belief systems.
We can choose to live in an existence of fear and separation or genuinely live in, and from, a place of love and compassion with each other.
We are gently reminded:
“If you are feeling overwhelmed by recent challenges, take a big deep breath and feel yourself deep in your heart centre. Stay here for a few moments, to reconnect with self at Soul Level. This is your connection with the universal, unconditional energy of love. Feel it and take it with you to share with others.”
Sending much needed love and light to the world.

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