Insight from the Cow Community

“There will be many questions raised through this insight.

We are inquisitive creatures.  We see, we feel and we make use of all that we learn.  We don’t have all the answers, which is one of the reasons why we connect with you.  You must search for new knowledge and the knowledge you already have.  Let us, and others know what you discover, rediscover and learn.

Remember that we ask these questions and bring our messages with love. Without judgement or hate.  If we were to bring them with anger, hatred and frustration, you would not receive what you need to feel, hear and understand.  It would only create conflict, fear and more of the same energy.
By bringing our messages in love and peace, that love and peace is received by you, felt, absorbed and paid forward by you.

When you are ready to share our messages, share them as you would want to receive them, no matter who you offer them to.  If your perspective differs from that of the recipient, still offer the message with love and compassion so the doors of communication remain open.  Hatred and judgement will close the doors of hearts and minds.  Love and compassion bring light and openness.

It is still OK to be upset and feel all your emotions, but process them yourself.  Don’t bundle them into a package to send with our/your messages.  Your emotions are there to help you grow, no-one else.”

The strength of the bond between a cow and another is strong.  They trust deeply, love unconditionally, nurture, grieve, lead and honour each other.

Cows are very giving and patient.  So why are they one of the most exploited, disregarded, abused, disrespected and unseen species throughout many societies?

Could it be that these animals, with their complex digestive system, are here to help us ‘digest’ what we need to process?  Just as they do.

The Cow Community graciously explained:

“Because we are peaceful. We are complicit in what we need to do.  We are unwavering and objectionable.”

Part of their response surprised me.  I asked them to confirm I heard ‘objectionable’ correctly.

“Yes.  We bring you, to expose, what is unpleasant or wrong.  We raise objections from all perspectives.

Each ‘wrong’ perspective highlights a ‘right’.

There are those who are asked to connect with and understand us as sentient beings, there are others who are asked to asked to witness the industries’ truths and then there are those who are asked to see beyond that and understand why we are volunteering and allowing ourselves to die en-masse.

We bring objections from all corners of society because everyone will object to something concerning our involvement in the farming environment.

Those who are asked to understand and ‘see’ us as sentient beings are sometimes not ready to process what is unseen.  Discomfort is created as their beliefs are questioned and comfort zones messed with.  Some of these people are here, purely, to work in those industries.  Others are here to provide a conflicting perspective, for others, to encourage discussion and learning. Whatever their purpose, they are all here to help initiate the friction and unbalance necessary for change.

Those who help us swiftly through our purpose, we thank you.  You have seen and understand, fully, our purpose.  Those who are not assisting us compassionately, we ask you to remove yourself from ego-living and search, honestly, for your purpose.  You will then understand another’s.

Those people who are not ready to ‘see’ us as sentient beings, we ask you to gently begin your connection with us.  Allow yourself to feel that connection, and whatever emotions it brings with it.  Release guilt, shame, regret or anything which no longer serves its purpose.  The learning has been done and you have time to make a significant change to your life, other lives and your planet.

Those who are connecting with us and recognise us as sentient beings will view the industries we are here to highlight, for change, as unpleasant and wrong.  They consider those who work in these industries, how we are treated and our deaths as wrong because they are seeing, only, our exploitation.  It is time for these people to begin connecting with the ‘bigger picture’ of what we are here for and support us with our purpose.  Redirect your energies to assisting us.  We need strength, not pity.

A difficult concept for many to understand and accept is that the existence of these intensifying industries is required at this moment in humanity’s growth.  Because these industries are currently required, it means our deaths are currently needed and the abuse is particularly required.  At this present moment, all that is occurring and those who are bringing it, including ourselves, are here for a reason.  It is necessary for change.  One day we will not need to do this, but for now we do.

“WRONG” [Adjective]:   Not correct, not true, immoral or dishonest.

It is right, for this moment, for us to be here and highlight these industries otherwise there will be no change to humanity and the balance if it all remains unseen and unquestioned.  Wrong would imply we are incorrect in doing this.  What we are doing is correct, it is moral and true.  We are correct in what we share with you.  If you approach it as wrong, then you negate all our efforts, trauma and lives.  However uncomfortable it makes you feel, it is honest, true and relayed with love.

There is much unpleasantness surrounding us and these industries because we are making many people face uncomfortable situations, environments and emotions.

Without judgement and with openness, please ask yourself:  ‘Am I uncomfortable with any of these aspects of the farming industries and/or humans involved, whether workers or those supporting the animals.  If I am, what is it I am uncomfortable with?’
Pinpoint the catalyst to your discomfort and then learn about it.

If your emotions are triggered at the concept of us as sentient beings, ask yourself why?

  • What is it you don’t want to hear?
  • Why don’t you want to hear it?
  • What is it you’re being asked to consider?
  • Are your beliefs feeling challenged or confirmed?
  • What questions are being raised for you?

If your emotions are being triggered by the industries, themselves, why is that?

  • What is it, exactly, that is stirring your emotions?
  • Have you fully informed yourself and made yourself aware of what happens within those industries?
  • Have you considered it from the animal’s Soul perspective?

Shift your objections to the personal, detailed level.  Maintaining a general objection is ineffective, vague and diluted.

Never fear asking questions to find answers.

If you do fear, what is it you fear: the question or the answer?

If it’s the question you fear, you will never discover knowledge to evolve.
If it is the answer you fear, then you already know the answer.

Work with your own herd to grow.
We cows ask questions to help us understand your species.  Often, your conflicted ideologies leave us unaware of your motives towards us.

The industries, in their current form, disconnect us from opportunities which were previously available to us where we could connect with the humans involved, those who were killing us.  That connection was very important to us.  We now remain unseen and unheard and experience betrayal from those proclaiming to ‘love’ us and care for us.  How can they love us with no connection experienced between us?  They may feel love, but it is not for us, only for what we provide for them.  There is a disconnection from love towards us to protect themselves from any ‘threat’ of change.
Change is OK.  The process of change often hurts but it is brave.  It takes strength to change and courage to create an environment of change.

We understand so much of our own existence: our purpose, the reasons for our purpose, what we are here to highlight, what is happening and our assistance to humanity.  Our purpose has been chosen by us and our ‘mission’ explained.  It is the reasons why this is happening that we don’t all understand.  Why do humans need to consume us, and other animals, so intensely and en-masse.  We ask, so you may ask yourself, do you understand why other animals are needing to incarnate simply for your consumption?
We do not want to be born just to die.  Why would we?

It’s your thought processes which are yours alone, unknown to us, which we wish to understand.  Help us to understand by understanding it yourselves for what it is, not what you are led to believe it is.  Through your own understanding, you bring global understanding.  We are all on this planet to learn and grow together.

While humanity exists within the confines and restrictions of thought processing, there will be a pause in the evolvement of your species, which will affect us all.  Conflict arises between what you know, as a Spiritual Being, and what you think you know, as a Physical Being.  While you remain conflicted as an individual, you will remain conflicted as a species for you are one of many.  The human species will remain in that vibration which will ripple through to the whole planet.  By beginning to question and realise your own beliefs, you will resolve that internal conflict between what you feel (actually know) and what you think (think you know).  Your vibration will then rise and so will that of your species and this planet.

If you would like to discover answers, this exercise in perspective may help.  Again, approach this openly and non-judgmentally.  We are learning together.

Look at us. What do you see?

A cow?
A mother?
A meal?
A Being?

Look at us and feel. What do you feel?

A connection?

Does what you are seeing connect with what you are feeling?  Any conflict you feel between these is an imbalance, which exists at an individual level and radiates out to species level.

Images of us dying en-masse during drought, bushfires, floods, hurricanes and disease, are upsetting for many humans.  Consider why emotions are triggered during those events and why you want to help us when you see us suffer during those events.  Remember those feelings.  That is empathy, the moment when you are truly connecting with us.  Maintain that connection with us in all environments.  That is the nature of humans, to care for and love all others.

Continue to question why you feel sadness and compassion when we die outside the environment of the farming industry and feel disconnection or nothing when we die within the industry.  Why is there no reaction, emotion or connection to that industry-related death?  We were alive.  Please consider that.

We remind you, these questions come without judgement.  It is what we see, but don’t always understand.  We question to seek answers.

It is black and white for us.  Is it for you?  If not, it’s time to make it that simple.  Is there a part of one of us in your meal today?  In your coffee?  Could I have lived or did you need me?  It really is simple but human belief patterns have been complicated and contaminated by thought processes.  Return to what you feel.  Consider where your belief patterns came from.  Where they through your own search for knowledge or are they repeated/acquired beliefs patterns?

As we mentioned before, work with the triggers of your emotions for your own understanding and growth.  By passing them on to another, whether it’s anger, frustration or otherwise, you will not find answers, you will only create more anger and frustration in the world.

As individual as your journey is, so is ours.  We, each, have our own agenda and purpose within the ‘bigger picture’.

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  1. What a powerful, profound post Nicola. Thank you. It certainly makes one considering all that is happening in Farming, and in the exploitation of any animal. It breaks my heart, and I can’t bear their suffering.

    1. Yes, Julie. It is a very interesting perspective and very insightful. Thankfully, with this information, from these beautiful brings, we can understand how to make it change 💚 xxx

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