Holistic Heart Healing

A celebratory day created to bring people’s awareness to their heart health, World Heart Day focusses on physical measures to improve the health of our hearts.

World Heart Day also creates a great opportunity to focus on our heart health via alternative avenues of awareness.  It brings an awareness to the foundations of well-being that bring about physical wellness from our inner, invisible energetic fields of existence.

When our heart ‘jumps for joy’, when we experience ‘heart-breaking’ sadness or hear ‘heart-warming’ stories of other’s achievements, we become aware of the emotions at our heart centre.  We reconnect with our heart and emotions with the assistance of these events and experiences.

The energy created from those ‘heart-touching’ experiences ripples out from our sensitive, invisible energy fields into our physical, visible and tangible energy fields.

Physical activities undoubtedly enhance our lives and are great tools to assist our physical bodies become the best they are.  By becoming more aware of what we consume, whether it’s food, stimuli, social interaction etc. we will bring benefits to our physical being. 

Regimes such as dieting, exercise, discussion, and learning, however, will never help us completely improve our heart health if we don’t also connect in with and feel what our heart feels.  What we feel.

We are our heart.

If we are sad within our heart centre, that energy will flow within and around us. If we are happy, happiness will follow the same process.  Any pain we carry within our heart centre will ripple from that core of who we are, resonating within us and out to All around us.

We can easily allow ourselves to become that sadness, anger and imbalance rather than allow the emotion to flow and use that trigger as a tool for healing.

Checking in on our heart health can be a very simple, yet confronting and challenging process.  When we feel ourselves at this pure level of energy, we can feel vulnerable, exposed and fearful because we are faced with who, and how, we truly are.  Sometimes we don’t feel ready to face that but remembering the sooner we do, the sooner we heal can be a great stimulus to do so.

The healing from connecting and processing at heart level heals us holistically.  It is an emotional, mental and physical healing.  We are offering ourselves a strong, profound and thorough health check as opposed to a quick-fix emotional plaster or painkiller.

Please take a moment, at least today, to check in on your own heart health. Honestly feel what condition it is in – what condition you are in.
Take a moment to feel how you do.
Be grateful for that connection, with yourself and any understanding you receive from it.

You don’t always need to analyse what you feel, just allow yourself time with your emotions in your heart centre.  Understanding will come when you are ready.  Try not to block yourself from the feelings when any fears arise (fear of pain, hurt, sadness, not understanding, judgement etc.)

Just be with your true self for a moment.

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  1. Perfectly beautiful and in tune as always Nicola. Thank you so much for sharing. Much love to you and yours.

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