World Animal Day Message

On World Animal Day today, and what would have been our beautiful Ethel’s birthday, I connected in to ask The Animals:

“What is it this World needs to hear from the Animals who live here with us humans?”
They shared:

You asked what ‘this World’ needs to hear. We tell you this because the World begins within you. To share one message that resonates with billions of others is too sweeping.

You transfix yourselves on subjects of unnecessary focus and then miss what is important to you. Is this a conscious, sub-conscious or unconscious action of distraction?

Only you will know.

Connect in with what resonates with you inside.

You are drawn to some things and not others, not because you are ‘wrong’, ‘different’ or weird’, but because what your World needs to bloom is different from someone else’s World.

Every inch of this planet’s surface is unique, every particle of soil, every plant, every micro-organism and every bug.
Every cell and every particle of energy of you, your World, is different from everyone else. Honour your individuality and feed it what it needs. Nurture your garden, your planet.

Remember how ‘many droplets make up the Ocean’?
Remember how these droplets are as individual as the Whole?
Yes, the chemical make-up resonates through them all but the energy within each is individual.
When combined, they create each moment, each wave, each spray and every tidal movement of the whole Ocean.
If each droplet attempted to be like the ones around it, there would be confusion and chaos.
Through each droplet knowing and being itself, the Ocean ebbs and flows with purpose and synchronicity.

We flow the same, us animals. Our Ocean is just more solid than that of the droplets.

We become One when we become who we are.
As individuals, we fulfil the All.

Each of our energies brings the flow of life and death: Existence.

We feed, nurture, honour and respect ourselves, our own World, to create a purposeful and focussed greater World.

Remember you are as individual as you are part of the Whole. Through knowing and being yourself, you bring flow to the whole World.
We all bring purpose to that flow, bringing direction and synchronicity.
Like each note in a piece of music, as one we harmonise.

Avoid the distractions other’s worlds are offering. You will neglect your own.
An animal who becomes transfixed on a distraction loses sight of vital signs and information.”

4 thoughts on “World Animal Day Message

  1. Beautiful Nicola xox Sending you all our love from here, as always hehehe, the entire funny farm!
    Love you…

    1. It is a lovely message, isn’t it, Catherine 🙂 Love you all so much too and sending the biggest hug to each of you over there xxx

    1. You’re more than welcome. Thankyou for listening to their messages, Julie. I’m so glad you enjoyed it. Sending lots of love to you in England xxx

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