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* No terms or conditions apply. This article will explain how to claim your own, free experience…..

No two beings have the same experience. Ever.

This may be stating the obvious to many but it’s not always fully understood by us all and leads to many misunderstandings, creating personal, local and global conflict.

Take experiences such as trauma, disease, grief, depression or even a trip to the dentist as examples.  The event may be identical in its occurrence, the chemical process in the physical body may be identical with the progression of the disease, illness or trauma, but the experience will differ vastly between each being. 

It’s akin to the way a road trip will take you to the same destination as the other passengers, and you’ll be visiting the same locations en route, but the experiences and memories will be unique to each person on that trip. 

The emotional and psychological processing of any life experience will be as unique and individual to a being as the being themselves.  It is as unique to another as anything you will experience in your own life.  The only one fully understanding what is being triggered, processed and released by that experience is the one involved in, attached and committed to, that experience.

Our individual energetic layers create, and proact and react to, the experience on a level pivotal to ourselves, for our experience.  This enables an individual’s lesson, teaching, wisdom and growth. 

By fully experiencing and growing as an individual, functioning part of the whole, we energise the whole.  We rediscover how we do not need to experience for another, instead we experience with each other.

Someone may empathise and understand your event or whatever your experience is.  You may understand theirs and have knowledge of the same.

Someone may understand the science and have personal knowledge of your diagnosis, but what you experience in your personal energy fields is your experience.  It is formed by your own emotions, your feelings and all that is relevant to your own journey.  It is what lays the foundations of your path. 

It is so important for each of us to remember this and understand how our own lessons and techniques to process, deal, cope and journey through each experience cannot be and are not meant to be transferred to, or replicated by, others.  We must each do what we need for our own physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self and remember to respect another who is doing the same. 

This intermingles with the message many animals have shared previously regarding not comparing our journey with that of another, to not compare our processing with that of another and to stay true to our own journey and stay on our own path.

As with everything, this personal journey also applies to those struggling with events on a global scale.  How another being experiences global shifts in humanity, planetary shifts, etc. is a very personal journey. 

The current clash of opinions, personalities, beliefs and fears within humanity is a testament to how many have forgotten to respect and acknowledge another’s personal journey. 

It’s highlighting how the fears and beliefs of one is being transferred onto another in the hope they will understand.

We cannot fully understand what we don’t experience.  We are not ‘experiencing’ another’s experience, only our version of that. 

We are here to guide and assist each other as we hold space for our own experiences.

When we truly realise that, and practise that fully, we rediscover a peace in release.

We are being reminded to share our knowledge, to understand and empathise but refrain from trying to mend or repair something when we don’t know what we are fixing.

How we personally process the same events, illnesses, trauma etc. cannot be stamped onto another’s experience otherwise we are taking away the learning and understanding from that being. 

Pass others the tools they need.  Offer them time, knowledge or anything else we have in our own supplies to assist but allow them the actual task of repair and recovery themselves.

Do not self-inflict a need to explain, apologise, conform or adapt to another’s processing technique, timeframe or road to recovery.  In doing so, you are not honouring the gift(s) your experience brings you.   

Remember, also, to stay true to how you need to experience any challenge that enters your life.  Stay strong, and in a place of love and compassion, if another feels the need to bring your experience into theirs or vice-versa.  Own the experience that has been given to you.  It is a tool for your own growth, as much as the breath you inhale offers you life. 

Enjoy claiming your unlimited, free life experiences.

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  1. That was truly wonderful and insightful Nicola. Thank you so very much for sharing. Love and blessings. xxx

    1. Thankyou, Julie. Wonderful to hear it resonates with you. It’s such an important insight and reminder for us all to be aware of and live with. Sending lots of love to you Julie 💚🙏 xxx

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