IMAG1187(3)A very powerful sequence of imagery and messages has been coming from many different directions recently.  A companion horse in Australia, undomesticated dogs in Bali, fellow humans during conversations and Reiki sessions and a persistent little insect to name a few.

Over the past year or so, a series of animal communications and Reiki sessions has brought forward the concept of a triangle as a symbol for a strong relationship connection between a horse, dog and human.  The triangle holds these three souls together over distance and connects them spiritually in this and previous lives.  It has been a constant whenever I connect to any of the three beings in that triangle.

Until recently, I thought that was their special, unique connection and a reference point for me during our sessions.  This belief is beginning to change as I receive more frequent messages and images relating to the number three and triangles.  I am being shown that it is much bigger than that.

Triangles surround us, from masonic symbology to tactics in a game of football.

The number three has its references in many cultures from the Holy Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Ghost in Christianity, the three deities of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva in the Hindu trinity and the Three Jewels of Buddha, Dharma and Sangha in Buddhism.20160302_070029-1

The constant in all references to triangles and the number three is strength.

“Any structure requiring a strong and rigid construction depends on triangles to achieve that goal.  Triangles are at work wherever strength and rigidity are important”   © The Mystery of Triangles by John Fuchs.

The Great Pyramids, tripods, bridges, our heart, prisms, acrobatic formations, yoga poses and mathematics, to name a few, all hold this triangular strength.

“Structural engineers rely on triangles, both in 2D and 3D, to make strong structures.”  © Teach Engineering Curriculum by Regents of the University of Colorado ©2013

All from Sony May2014 153Why I was being shown this connection got me thinking and brought a lot of information to me.  Then the vital piece dropped in.  I got sent a link relating to the Great Pyramids ¹ and their energy fields.

The article explains, in much more detail than I will here, how a pyramid creates its own energy field by drawing external energy into its centre using the points and sides of its structure.  A positive energy is created from these combined external energies and is drawn to form a spherical field at its centre and around the structure.  It is basically transforming external energy into positive energy, storing it and then using it as a shield around itself.

This got me thinking about our heart and its energy.  I had been shown an image during a recent Reiki session where my client and I were connected and sharing an energy source that came from within us.  This energy was very different from the usual Reiki Healing energy in that we weren’t connecting to a Higher Source, it was from within our core beings.  This was a new concept to me but very real and it has become much clearer since discovering about the pyramids.

The heart is a three dimensional triangle, a pyramid in effect, and as a pyramid will be drawing on external energies in the environment.   As per all pyramids, these energies will then be brought into its centre using its own shape and structure and it will begin to create a positive energy force within itself and form an external protective shield in the process.  The consequences of this are limitless.  It is an energy of love, our strongest source of love is our heart.  By then opening our hearts to others, we are emitting this powerful love to so many others.  20160215_171759_001

It is powerful and is our strength.

Some refer to it as God being within each of us.  Whichever terminology you use, it is the same deep, core strength which is our very existence, our Soul.  We can sometimes see strength as an eternal process – how we deal with situations, how are we handling things?  Our real strength is much deeper than that.  It is from the depths of our heart pyramid and we must frequently check-in on that centre to feel that energy.  That is our source of strength and love.  When we feel that connection, an empowering peace is found.   With practise, a permanent connection can be established creating a state of being where we are empowered enough to face all life’s challenges with positivity.

We are forming pure, positive energy within ourselves. 

We are all good at our core.

As with all energy sources, by connecting via a grid we can spread that energy far.  Which is when my last message from an insect comes into the jigsaw.  He showed himself to me directly after a dream of an open doorway.  He was trapped by a closed door.  By keeping our hearts closed we will never share this limitless supply of positive energy to others.  We have plenty of love within us, enough for ourselves and to share.  Our fear of getting hurt will keep it trapped and never be of benefit to ourselves or others.

All from Sony May2014 267When we feel our hearts ache or hurt, we need to remind ourselves that the painful energy we have absorbed is in the process of being transformed into a much more beautiful, positive energy which is healing us as it transforms.

Painful, negative energy has no place within us and cannot exist if we stay connected to our heart source.



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  1. It can be at times very challenging within this world to not be inundated with the effects of so much negative energy around us, being more sensitive to it also does require extra work in shielding from it or trying to transmute it.
    I feel there is a much bigger picture at work with this knowledge of the triangle/pyramid and 3 that you have brought to the surface here. Our higher selves are aware of this and I feel certain that it will be affecting our global shift and conscious transformation right now.
    Beautiful read Nicola, thank you xox

    1. Yes Catherine, the signs have been getting much stronger since that very first triangle appeared all those chats ago.
      Just the fact it is so deep-rooted in many diverse cultures and religions says to me that there is much to the triangle/pyramid that we have forgotten. It is manifesting itself, becoming stronger and clearer as we go through this latest shift.
      I know there will be more remembered, learnt and written. Thank you Catherine xxx

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