Picture Perfect

Believe in the Bigger PictureIt is not a belief that we are part of something much bigger, it is a deeper knowing.

It can be very easy to lose focus on this big picture during times of stress, emotional exhaustion, disillusionment or just busy daily life.  Refocussing takes practise.  It requires re-training many of our abilities including thought, emotion and senses and we all know any form of training requires practise and patience.

Akin to meditation, it involves acknowledging and setting aside all the mental clutter and then connecting with the heart rather than the mind.

It is in the heart that we find this knowing.

The mind believes, the heart knows.Focus

With this knowing comes an empowering sense of inner strength and support.  A clarity emerges which enables us to find and draw on that strength during some of our most challenging times.  That strength is always within us but can become difficult to find as we become mentally distracted with the conflict we are experiencing.  Like a camera lens, we just need to gently focus to achieve clarity and see the picture clearly.

The importance of refocussing is often underestimated and can be lost as we strive to find some form of balance.  Each one of us needs to be taking time daily to just sit back and remind ourselves that we are an important part of a very big, wonderful universe.  A universe where we are all connected and our energies can combine to create something so beautiful, if we allow it.Drop of energy.jpg

The individual energy we send out into that wonderful consciousness will be there forever, so it is up to us to consider carefully exactly what we want to achieve.

Do we want to add spice, flavour and yumminess to that ginormous bowl of soup or is our ingredient going to curdle the universal dish?

A dish we all feed from.

It is a choice we make ourselves.  A very conscious, individual choice which requires constant consideration and thought.

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