Mirror, mirror.

20160111_214003Many of us are aware of our companion’s ability to reflect, or mirror, our own state of well-being but why do they feel this is necessary?  What is actually prompting them to become this reflection?  Is it just psychosomatic between species or did I just make that up?

There is the theory that our companions are being empathic and share our symptoms through energy.  Many humans have experienced this with other humans albeit to differing degrees, whether it’s picking up on another’s mood in the same room or experiencing another’s pain when many miles apart.  So why not between species?

We are all animals emitting energy so surely we all possess the ability to pick up on another animal’s energy? 

Stag and humanWe do all possess this ability but the more animals I chat with, the more I am being told and shown that it is not empathy that lies behind the mirror.  They are not choosing to absorb our energy but rather bounce it straight back to us by reflecting what is occurring in our own bodies and minds.  Often so that we can see it from another perspective.  When we are cocooned in a certain situation or circumstance, it is very hard to get a true perspective and understanding of what we are experiencing.  By looking through another’s eyes and experiencing the same situation from the outside, it makes it a great deal easier to comprehend and rectify.  We have the opportunity to initially consider the situation via someone else and not ourselves when our companions choose to reflect.

Introspection can often be unnerving and painful so could they be offering themselves as a buffer to soften the emotional trauma?

During a recent conversation with a beautiful horse, she showed me herself as having digestion issues and retching.  As we investigated more, it emerged that the person attached to this beautiful horse was needing to process some information before sharing it with others.  The human had to digest the information and then get it out there.  Just as this wonderful horse had shown me.

There are many cases similar to this one, where a companion will either mimic the exact same ailments or show metaphysical symptoms for an emotional issue.  Does your companion have foot issues?  Have you stepped outside your comfort zone recently?  Or perhaps you need to take the weight off your feet for a while and have a rest?  Do you need to ground yourself?

Recognising the signs your companion is sending you is the key, or rather recognising that your companion is giving you a sign is the key.  Once you realise what your companion is experiencing is your issue, acknowledge their help, thank them and work with what they have offered you.

Ethel mirror.jpgTake the time to look at your companion as a beautifully polished mirror and focus on what it is they are showing you.

I have yet to chat with an animal who is reflecting for no reason.  Until we have all fully redeveloped the ability to communicate with our animal friends using their universal ‘language’ this is one of the most effective ways for other animals to connect with and help humans.  They understand that this is a concept that we can all learn and work with.  It is a fantastic system of communication and teaching.

This is a technique that we can all recognise, master and use to better ourselves and help each other. 

Reflection is just another example of how our wonderful animal friends are helping us as individuals and as a species to develop and better ourselves.

Don’t forget to thank them.

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