Kids and Pets Day


The Jen and Labbierelationship between children and animals is often one of mutual respect, innocence and love.
The special bonds that develop are beautiful to witness and teach us much about ourselves and our relationships.
There are many factors influencing the strength of our bond with our companions.  One of the reasons it can be so strong between children and animals is because children, like most animals, are living in the present.  The worry of future events and past experiences is seldom dominating a child’s mind and that is something they hold common with their animal friends.

They are living on instinct in the present moment.

DSC_0217Something many of us wander from as we focus on organising and ‘perfecting’ our life rather than living it.
There is also a lack of judgement between children and their animal friends which adults can often succumb to.  A child will look at an animal and see a cat, dog, rabbit etc.  As adults, some see the breed before the animal and have judged that being before any interaction has taken place.  The child is accepting regardless of what physical form they are presenting in.

They offer us such a strong reminder to have respect for all others and to truly celebrate our differences.

As we grow into adulthood, judgment can develop and present itself on a daily basis whether it’s meeting new friends, colleagues, another’s actions or overhearing  a conversation.

Judgements creep in and it is only our self-awareness that can change it.

Every time we make a judgement on a person or situation we are energetically creating something that isn’t there.

The actual being or event has been clouded and we are unable to see things as they truly are.

Being judgemental towards others merely shines the light on our own faults, not of those we choose to judge.
Another factor strengthening the bond between children and their animal friends is the lack of expectation between them.

2Again, the child and animal are two beings interacting on a level.  When adults enter the equation they can bring with them an expectation of how they feel the child and/or animal should behave and if that expectation is not met or excelled it can create emotions such as disappointment, anger or rejection in the adult.  These emotions then become part of the interaction and are experienced by all parties.

By releasing our expectations of others and accepting another as who they are, not what we want them to be or become, we are able to appreciate life from a much better viewpoint.

This also applies to expectations of ourselves.  Appreciate and love who you are not what you feel others want you to be.

It is humbling how much our young friends, together with our animal friends are showing and teaching us every day, and they do it so freely. Please remember to thank your children and animal companions for what they bring to your life.

Live in the present.

Remove all judgement.  

Release expectations. 


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