It’s selfless to self-love.

As an Empath, when you feel so much, it can be very challenging to remain open-hearted when you feel the world is struggling.*  

It is you who is struggling.  You are your world and your world is you. It is your triggers that are activated: your pain, your anger, your guilt, your frustration, your sense of helplessness.  Anything you need to work on is triggered.

When feeling the angst of the world, you feel the angst of your world.  They are One.  Your own world is the only world because you we are all energetically connected.

What you focus on and heal within you, you heal in the world. 

Assist others by helping yourself first.  It sounds like a cliché but we can be very dismissive of the ripple effect self-healing has on others.  It is very powerful and highly contagious.

You emit what you are, how you are. You energise yourself and others at the same time.

You can not give what you do not have. 

If you do not have peace and love in your own heart, you are not sharing peace and love.  If you are in anguish, fear and distress when sending peace and love to others, you are also sending those energies of anguish, fear and distress. 

It doesn’t happen because of. 

An awareness, when sending love, whether it is to make oneself feel better is vital.  That’s akin to gift-giving to make yourself feel better.  It’s an action from ego, not your heart.  Begin to switch the thought process; heal yourself to help yourself and others, rather than help others to feel better about yourself.  Fill your own heart with self-love and find your peace.

By taking the time to become aware of your own vibration, reconnect with your love and own peace, you re-energise humanity, events and this planet by default.

Human instinct is to fix things, to make it all better and make others feel better.  It’s the beauty of humanity.  It’s also the challenge for humanity.  We can often use helping others as a distraction and/or salve for our own challenges and conflicts.

A quick fix, an injection of happiness, won’t bring permanent relief from what is going on; the event that is triggering you.

Through understanding your triggers, your emotions; understanding yourself; you enable yourself to understand life events more clearly.  

You see in others what you understand or need to understand. 

If you feel comfortable with what you see, you probably understand it.  If you are not, you may need to understand it.

The moments and events that trigger your pain and hurt are, more than ever, when you need to focus on remaining open-hearted and not remain in ego-based spaces of judgement, anger, ‘fixes’ etc., especially with self.  As always, use the emotions, be aware of them but don’t become them, particularly when working towards resolution and understanding. 

Bringing emotion into your conflict will not assist in finding understanding.  Prepare by pausing to deal with your own emotions first, otherwise you’re bringing more emotion into an already emotionally volatile environment.

Become aware of what you are feeling, then take as long as you need to discover why you are feeling that.  Realise your own awareness and understanding of your experience so you can work on that.  For anyone feeling an inability to help others, this is a powerful exercise in healing. 

* Everyone feels, some more than others.

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