World Animal Reiki Day Message 2022


“Allow yourself to absorb it within, to savour the last experience, to receive its full effect.  By moving on to the next one rapidly, you only receive limited effectiveness.

Anything slow penetrates deeper and more thoroughly.  We control the speed of absorption, even if the stimuli is rapid.  Our reaction and openness affects how effectively we absorb.

Take things steady.  Slow your pace.  Feel your way.

Allow yourself to breathe and recover from each episode, each event, each moment. 

Like savouring a mouthful of food, savour each moment fully to get the full taste of life.

This is what life is about, why you are here.  Not to rush through it with partly-lived moments.  Each pocket of life has value.

This is why experiences can resurface. 

If you did not receive the whole part, you will receive the rest to complete the experience.  It is not that it keeps happening, it is just ‘the rest’ of what you received.  Parts of the whole, to complete the circle and come back to you.

This slower, more aware pace allows you to recover and adjust, to prepare and be ready for your next experience, your next moment.  Otherwise you may rush into that with the remnants of your last incomplete moment.  As that pattern continues, you build up many intermingled, unfinished moments.  That creates overload and overwhelm.

Complete each task fully, and clear life’s intray.  Steadily, methodically, in awareness and purpose. 

That is how you take control of your life.”

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