Mother Earth Day 2021

“When I’m calling you, I’ll wait for you.
When you’re calling me, wait for me.
Our connection doesn’t take time but your awareness of it may.
Your access to our connection may be restricted or interrupted but it is still there.
Be patient. I am here. Just like you are there.
We are always together while you are on this Earth.”

Mother Earth

Is Earth ‘One Being’ or ‘Many’?

“I am one, but many.  Like yourselves, formed from all the energies of those you meet but with your own identity. 

I am an Whole but made up of many parts.

What ‘makes’ me is you. On my own, I have no purpose, just like on your own you would have nothing.

I am you and you are me. We combine to create the Whole but are as individual as each other. Our energies combine, interweave and grow together.  At the same time, I am my own being with my own purpose and energy to share with others, including yourself.

You are all connecting in with the energy field of Me, just like you connect in with the energy of an individual animal, human or otherwise.

I am nurturing, compassionate, motherly and keen to set my wayward children straight, with love.  My frustration is combined with love, not the stress Humanity tends to attach to frustration.

You must want to help me.  Not help me because you think you should.  That’s the wrong intention.

To connect with me, sit and do nothing. 

Awareness.  Not a mental awareness but sensational awareness.

Sit in nature.  I do like to ‘show’ off all my creatures, children, who also assist sharing my energy.

Barefoot awareness brings sensational rather than mental awareness. Allow your senses to feel and receive what I would like to share.  Smells, sounds etc.  Allow them to come into ‘focus’.”

Mother Earth shared the following for connection with her: (Remember to always ask Mother Earth if she is OK with you anchoring yourself to her and connecting.)

If sitting, feel roots or a ‘rod’ down your spine into Mother Earth.

If you are unable to go barefoot, visualise roots, or rods of light, from your feet, hands and between your shoulder blades securing you firmly to Mother Earth.  Have your hands on either side of your body with your palms facing down.

Feel your energy flowing into Mother Earth and her energy flowing back into you, like a tidal movement or rolling wave, looping between you both.

All the way down your body, out of your hands and feet, and deep down into Mother Earth.  Then looping back up around your body and back down.

Another simple, visual technique shared by Mother Earth was to visualise yourself laying out on the planet, like Mother Earth has shrunk and you are huge.  Be on your back, passive and inactive, like you’re lying on a living mat.  Just lay there and be with her.

Mother Earth reminds us to “Just Be” for either/both techniques.

The World Interspecies Communication Practice Challenge 2020

4 thoughts on “Mother Earth Day 2021

  1. Thoroughly loved doing that talk with you and Josh Nicola! 🙂
    What a wonderful, beautiufl guy that man is 😉
    Sending love,

    1. It was a fantastic experience, Catherine. So much fun and great insights shared. Yes, Josh is a special Soul indeed, Catherine 💚 Lots of love to you too 💖 xxx

  2. What a wonderfully wise and beautiful Post dear Nicola. Thank you so much for nourishing my being with the profound energy and love of Earth.

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