Bear with You

Image: Yathin S Krishnappa

A larger-than-size Bear very kindly joined me for a chat, sharing “Power” and “Force”. A ‘Ker-Pow’ energy. Not an inflicted, aggressive show of strength, but a gentle force field, a strong presence. This magnificent Being would command a room passively, allowing his energy to speak for him.

“Become comfortable in who you are and your energy will speak for you. It is not aggressive, it is confident. You will be assured of who you are and project that out because you become who you are. You do not project uncertainty and hesitation, falseness and insecurity. Just the power and force of You. Undiluted and wholesome You.

Imagine the energy of the world when are all comfortable and content with who they are. When each living being knows themselves; their strengths, their purity, their wisdom and assertiveness.

You will lose the need to draw strength and character from others. Compassion and proper understanding of yourselves and each other will reign.

Image: Tambako The Jaguar

Image that world.

Feel that world.

Now create that world. Within You.

Start with you and feel the change.

When you falter, when you’re challenged, go back to You and feel that certainty of who you are again.

Feel that world within you, again, and live that.

Hesitation and uncertainty can mean death for us (bears), so we learn to become who we are very quickly. We have to trust ourselves more than anyone, know our weaknesses, our strengths, our boundaries and physical limits. We learn to connect with all that and face our fears while connecting with the environment around us. That brings Wholeness, Oneness and Completeness for all we are and need.

The biggest thing you can do for yourself this lifetime is to become You.

Learn who you are, remember who you are and your reason for being here. Learn to trust yourself, truly and completely.

Mistakes are lessons. How do you think we learn? We try. If it doesn’t work out, we learn from that. Our physical does not emerge knowing how to do everything. We remember some aspects our Souls bring with us. Other physical skills are developed through trial and error. Some of us just need to learn a bit quicker than others.

Image: Tambako The Jaguar

When you become comfortable in your lifestyles, the urgency to re-learn and remember who you really are can be cast aside as an inconvenience. You adopt other’s beliefs, ideas, habits and fears because it is ‘easier’.

It’s not easier. That is simply a survival technique developed by those with the luxury of not needing true survival techniques anymore.

All those adopted aspects and characteristics will make life more uncomfortable the longer they are embraced. Release them and stay true to you, your beliefs, your ideas, your purpose and even your fears. You have your own lessons and the quicker you learn them, the quicker you will become the wholesome and existent You; energetically and physically. The Whole Human.

Let others feel the real You when You walk in a room.”


4 thoughts on “Bear with You

  1. Thank you so much for sharing that wonderful message Nicola. I love bears, then again I love most animals. So wise, and appropriate for me at this time. Lots of love to you and George, and all the animals of the world.

    1. There is something special about bears, isn’t there Julie? 🐻💖 Thankyou for always being so open to receive what the animals share with you and us all. Sending lots of love back to you, Julie 💚 xxx

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