Donkey Realm Message

“It’s not about hiding from your emotions.

You can’t.  You disconnect.

It’s not about hiding from each other.  

You can’t.  You disconnect.

It’s not about hiding.

You are only hiding from yourself.  From what you don’t want to feel or face.

It’s the process of getting to know who you are that sends you into those hidden holes.  It’s the pain, realisation, questions (or rather the fear of the answers), and all that goes with the budding and blooming into who you are, that makes you want to hide and protect yourself.

When you realise hiding and resting are so different, you will feel whether you are in denial and disconnecting, or connecting and processing.

Then you can consider why you hide and/or what you need to process.

When you were happy, totally, with who you are, what you stand for, your beliefs, everything about you, you would not hide from anyone or anything.  You’d be ready to show YOU to the world.

Please remember when you go through this, you have Us.  All of Us and any of Us. 

Whether you are drawn to us here in the Donkey Realm, a beloved family member, the Ocean, another human being, the Sun, your bed, the Forests, whether an individual or collection of beings, All are here to be with you and sit with you to allow and enable you to release.

Offer them what you need and be open to receive what they have to offer. 

An emotional, supportive exchange is the most powerful, effective and valuable of exchanges.

Feel it – the exchange.  It will shift you, your energy and positioning here.           

That energy shift will realign you, with yourself, like a line of sight aligns with a target.  You will come together.

The effects of your shift will be felt.  When re-aligned you will feel freer, more channelled and focussed.  Things will ‘flow’ and there will be a sense of “It’s OK”.  This is the other side of that painful processing.  The light within the dark.

It will feel like a clear path, familiar path, safe path and you will walk it with more ease, with a knowing strength and confidence.

Find strength through your discomfort knowing what awaits from your clearing.  Know that this realignment brings you more in focus with that light within you.

That knowing is that light.  Even in your darkest moments, connect with that light.  See and feel it within you.  As near, or as far as it is, connect with it.  Remember that light, your light is your knowing.  They are One.  They are You.  They are within you and grow together, with you.”


4 thoughts on “Donkey Realm Message

  1. Ooooh love those little donkeys Nicola!!! There are lots of mules where we are moving to 😉 (horses x donkeys)
    Thank you for always sharing everyone’s messages Nicola you are gratefully felt and loved by so many xox

    1. Thankyou Catherine 🙏 They are very precious 😍 Continually grateful they share with me. Can’t wait to meet and connect with all those patiently waiting to be heard. Love you dearly Catherine 💚 xxx

  2. That was a wonderful and timely post Nicola, and I thank you and the donkeys for your insight and gentle wisdom. Love and blessings to you all. J xxx

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