Is Yoga good for me?

Is it right for me to reduce pain if it is teaching me something?

We need to support our physical self as equally as our mental, spiritual and emotional selves.

There are tools to assist us with this.  These tools help our physical, mental and emotional bodies recover, strengthen, grow and evolve as equally as our spiritual. 

We don’t need to struggle during this process.  It’s not about suffering in our emotions, it’s about being aware of them, spending time with them, processing them and releasing them.

We can support our physical bodies when they alert us to an issue.  We can support our body to repair itself and heal, alongside our emotional and mental healing.

It’s Holistic support.

Differentiate the cause from the symptoms and signs.  Treat the cause while supporting the body to relieve the symptoms.

If the cause is left unattended or ignored the signs and symptoms will continue in order to bring awareness to it.

Consider where your focus is to discover the causes of your physical discomforts: 

Do you continuously take on other’s burdens?

By allowing yourself to carry the weight of others and their issues, you are ‘carrying the weight of the world upon your shoulders’.  Be aware of any shoulder and upper back discomfort in your body. 

If you continue to feel unsupported in life – by others, your environment, yourself – you may begin to feel discomfort in your back and skeletal system.  What, who or where is your support in life, holding you up and together?

Each pain, ache, injury or illness is an ‘X’ marking a point of exploration, declaring “search here”. 

Brief interlude for a very basic but relevant, interesting science lesson. 

Science has shown how little chemical proteins, Neuropeptides, are released throughout our bodies with emotions and thought.  Each thought and emotion has a Neuropeptide and every Neuropeptide has a function.  Our emotional and mental state of being determines which ones are released.

The type of protein entering our physical body is directly related to what, or rather how, we think and feel.  

Positive thoughts and feelings such as happiness, love, empowerment and contentment signal our body to release feel-good proteins.  

Ego-based thoughts and feelings such as anger, fear, judgement and stress call on the proteins assigned to securing survival.  It’s an instinctive call-to-arms for our body which is not an issue if it’s for that specific moment of survival.  To exist long-term in survival mode, whatever the trigger, means the body is continually secreting these Neuropeptides which causes distress and disease in the physical functioning of the body.  Our thoughts and emotions directly affect our physical well-being.

Just one happy thought will literally create more happiness within you.  More anger literally creates more anger, and so on.

The longer the secretion of a particular protein has been happening, the more effect it will have on the physical body so repairing and rebalancing it can take time, depending on how long you have been in that emotional or mental state of being (not just aware of it). 

A very common trigger, stress, is a major influence in modern day humanity.  It has become the new normal.  It has become an acceptable level at which to exist.  As previously mentioned, it is, in reality, a state of survival, not living.  More and more people are surviving, not living.

Few people seem overly perplexed if they are stressed or see others living with stress.  It’s part of being human, right? 


It needs to be questioned and investigated by those living with it and amongst it.

When did it become ‘normal’ to live with this as normal? 

Many people accept the two-week holiday break, that pause in their busyness, as something they deserve for their hard work. 

Why do some freely accept, and others even think they deserve stress and to ‘be’ stressed?  

We are not stress.  We have stress in our lives as a trigger for resolution, not as a constant. 

We pressure ourselves to push beyond our limits.  We’re physical beings, it’s time we all fully accepted and embraced that instead of expecting more. 

We have an abundance on this planet to provide for us, to offer shelter, security and nurture us yet still we seek more, develop more, crave more and convince ourselves we need more. We’re constantly pushing for more, whether it’s from our self or from others. 

This need for more is the foundation for much of our stress.  This false, ever-increasing, infinite concept of needing has replaced contentment, satisfaction, gratitude and happiness.  We have retrained and reset our mind-set to believe this concept and it needs to be urgently realigned.

  • What do you think you need
  • Do you really need it?
  • Why do you think you need it?
  • Who do you think you need it for? 
  • Is it to benefit your life or to impress on another’s?

What you seek; if found, will it enhance your contentment, happiness, your love of being you or will it bring overload, stress, unhappiness for just a brief moment of satisfaction?  Will the happy Neuropeptides outlast the unhappy Neuropeptides or vice-versa?

It’s about the long-term shift.  Creating that shift in humanity by serving ourselves a big dose of happy Neuropeptides through self-awareness, happiness and gratitude mixed in with a lot of love and more.

Utilising tools such as yoga, meditation, exercise, time in nature, creativity, hugging and simply communicating offer support and methods to strengthen our physical body while we process and release from another – emotional or mental.

The function of these tools and substances such as medication and pain relief, as temporary supports for our body, differs vastly from utilising them as a ‘cure’.  To ease a symptom while processing the cause is very different to relying on substances and tools to fix it.

Drugs, supplements, equipment, techniques or anything that ‘blocks’ also disconnects.  It creates a disconnection to what is happening within us.  The cause continues to exist, growing in intensity, while we become unaware, learn to forget or distance ourselves from it because the signs and symptoms have been blocked from alerting us to the ‘X’ which marks the spot of investigation.  We anaesthetise ourselves from our physical body’s natural warning system.  We disconnect one part of ourselves from another part, like hanging up the phone when hearing something upsetting or that makes us uncomfortable.

Keep the lines of communication open between your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual self.  

Become aware of sensations within your own energy fields:

  • physical pain and illness,
  • emotional sadness and joy,
  • mental focus and depression,
  • spiritual ‘gut feelings’ and ‘insights’.

They are all aspects, essences of you, working together to support, empower, nurture and encourage your growth.

Allow them to communicate between each other and listen, be aware, of what they have to share.

Support and honour each of your energetic bodies, individually and equally, to support and honour everything and every-one you are. 

Utilise all the tools offered for your healing, whether it’s Yoga with Kassandra, playing music, singing, meditating, supplements or otherwise. 

Don’t expect a fix when you embrace these offerings.  They can’t, and won’t heal you but they will support your healing. 

Only you can heal you.


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