Connect the Dots

The Animal Realm have requested that this insight be shared following a very determined dog’s journey to request a Communication session with me.

As per a spider’s complex physical creation, the energetic web, within which we are all connected, contains intersection points where the movement of energy flows. Pulses or flowing energies move along the thread of the web which has been shown to me as a 3D line map.

Along these threads, there are ‘points’ and intersections which are formed by us, time and places which connect all with each other as part of the thread.

We are within and a part of the thread, while also creating the form of the web.
We are as whole individually as we are a collective.

Recently, a dog in need of assistance reached out for a communication by setting off a chain of events which led to me. She opted to ‘join the dots’ and connect via points on the universal web, until she reached me.

This dog was one point of the web: Point A. She knew she could reach me via a person who existed further into the web so set about connecting the points to reach me and share her message.

Bear with me….
Point B was this dog’s person and this dog knew that Point C, one of Point B’s family members, had a friend I knew, Point D. So she instigated an incident which sent a ripple to those points in the web which connected her with me, Point E. This signal was picked up by all points involved so this determined dog could get her message from Point A through to Point E to be shared.

Many animals use this method and create ‘coincidences’ or what we see as random meetings. Ripples, or signals, are sent out to one or numerous points and connect people to people, people to places and/or people to animals, and vice-versa. How they get there can appear mind-boggling sometimes but, when broken down, so simple.

It is a method many humans have forgotten but is still available to us all. By sending out our own ripple of energy, we can connect and communicate non-verbally.

Our species has already begun it’s shift towards this communication method and more people than ever are being labelled with ‘social behaviour disorders’.
Maybe these people are already connecting the dots like other animal species, we just can’t see them doing it.

It will take time, generations and a lot of practise for us all to focus our energy as clearly as our animal companions and some humans already do but we will get there.

Sending lots of loving energy out into the web. Can you feel it?

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