Willow’s Wisdom

Willow joined the expanding tribe at Love and Nature Healing Retreat with her sister, Spirit, where she balanced her life between being a wild dog and a domesticated companion.

Following her recent Transition, Willow wanted to share some insight, so that we could understand and learn from her experience.

Willow had become increasingly unhappy as she struggled with her own choice to fulfil a life which disconnected her from her purpose.  Her Transition was unexpected, for her human tribe, but a conscious choice when she chose to make it happen.

Willow shared a conflicted energy when we connected following her Transition.  She had been on an emotional rollercoaster, torn between her physical wants and her Soul’s needs.

Her Soul wanted to stay wild, raising and teaching the young of her own species as wild dogs.  Also experiencing the love and safety offered by the humans and other animals at the Retreat, Willow felt conflicted.  The contrast between that safety and the survival risks for her young in the wild, meant Willow opted to compromise and stay within the retreat.

Attempting to ‘make it work’, Willow realised over time that she wasn’t wanting to, and couldn’t, fulfil her true purpose within that environment.  Willow showed me that the desire to stay as a domesticated companion was akin to a drug or addiction.  She shared how she couldn’t draw herself away from that love and safety even though it wasn’t her Soul’s purpose to stay at the Retreat.  Like any addiction, it silenced the constant conflict going on inside her so she ‘managed’.

Willow shared a fresh insight, how animals can hold fears on a physical level just as humans do.

Willow wasn’t experiencing and feeling other’s fears on an energetic level, then reacting to them.   She had developed conscious, thought-processed, physical fears.  So strong that they had drawn her away from what her Soul’s desires were.

That’s where Willow’s struggle grew from.  Feeling she had trapped herself, and out of options to balance the needs of her Soul and the wants of her physical, Willow opted to ‘check out’ so she could reset herself.

Willow wanted to highlight, with us all, the complexity we create when we wander or disconnect from our purpose.

We create struggles, challenges and unsettled energies around us because we are unsettled within.

There’s an unnecessary turmoil of emotions which we bring into our awareness.

When we have challenged emotions, we block and muddle our clear, focussed thought processes.  What we think we are aware of, we’re not.  We are actually clutching at a false reality that we have created to exist in, so that we can make ourselves think we are comfortable.  We convince ourselves we are comfortable and content but are merely surviving, not living a fulfilled existence.

By doing this, we are keeping ourselves locked in a very physical world.  We begin to exist only in the physical and gradually disconnect from ourselves at Soul Level.

Willow gave the analogy of having two friends to play with.  Our physical is one, our soul another.  We can play with both. Choosing one, based on the fear that choosing both may mean we upset or neglect one of them, is counter-productive.  Choosing both will bring us an Holistic existence with balance and fulfilment.  We can honour our Soul’s purpose and enjoy our physicality too.  That is why we are here, it is for our growth.

By moving away from what we really want at Soul Level, and distracting ourselves on a physical level, we engineer challenges.

When we connect our Soul’s Purpose into place, we become happy and fulfilled and find our physical needs are met.

Feed the Soul and our Physical will grow.
Feed the Physical and our Soul remains hungry.

Willow emphasised “It’s from within.  Everything is – our chaos and our calm.

We can use the fire within us as a beacon of light or allow it to destroy us.

So, how do we reconnect with our Purpose?
Willow asks you to ask yourself:

“What makes you feel alive and brings you real happiness, not a quick fix or gratification?
What fuels your fire?
What are you drawn to?
What resonates with you?

Where or what empowers you to immerse yourself so much that you feel you have lost your connection with the physical world? (You won’t by the way.)”

Willow also asked “Are you doing this, any aspect of this?
If so, go deeper and explore it more.
If not, why not?

Consider how you can reconnect with your purpose, not why you can’t, before it becomes too overwhelming and ‘too hard’.”

2 thoughts on “Willow’s Wisdom

  1. Good morning from England Nicola. Thank you for this considered, truthful message which resonated deeply with me. My heart aches for her family, because, enlightened as they are, the physical presence of a loved one is hard to lose. Such a beautiful little soul. I wish her well on her journey, and send love to those in grief.

    1. Hi Julie. Yes, Willow’s strong physical presence will be missed by them all, including the other animals at the Retreat. The understanding of events brings comfort and reassurance but we are still very physical beings and need to acknowledge that. Honouring that whole balance is so important, as Willow kindly shared 💚 Sending much love to you and your loved ones in England, Julie xxx

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