From here to there.

It can be challenging, confronting and unsettling to hear that what you thought you were doing to help someone, could be serving completely the opposite purpose.

Sometimes, it can be more comfortable for us to fully commit to helping others if it is:

  • easy for us
  • within our understanding
  • something we have experienced ourselves.

It takes more effort and feels more uncomfortable when we are helping from a place of uncertainty. 

So how do we know what help, if any, someone is really needing?


  • Step 1: Ask them.
  • Step 2: Honour their response.

By connecting and communicating with other species we co-exist with, we can do this, just as easily as asking our partner on the couch, neighbour across the fence and even ourselves.  (Although we can all be guilty of not honouring our own needs on occasion.)

One of the many benefits that comes from communicating with others is being shown things from their perspective.  It’s a valuable insight.

Many humans would understand so much more about the true needs of other species, and their own, if they saw and heard it from that viewpoint.

We are not able to fully help animals, including ourselves, until we see things from that Soul’s perspective.

A simple shift from what we think another wants and needs, to what we know they want and need is a massive step.  A simple but critical oversight which can go unnoticed when helping others.

Perspective does not rely on understanding and agreement to exist.  When combined with understanding, it offers great insight and growth, but even if we don’t understand, an alternative perspective has so much value. 

Perspective, I feel, isn’t right or wrong.  How can it be, if it is someone ‘seeing’ from their own experience?  How can another being view something incorrectly?

A battle scar is a constant ugly reminder of a traumatic experience to one being, while another welcomes it as a sign of strength from a battle survived. How someone else sees that scar is insignificant, possibly even judgemental.

Requesting a vet to euthanize a suffering loved companion can send waves of guilt through families for years.   If only they saw how their loyal companion was wanting that release from their failing physical body.  Many animals have shared the need to leave their physical bodies for various reasons.  Pain, physical limitations, to assist their humans better from Spirit, or maybe to join someone already Transitioned.  Their point of view, and needs, during this time are crucial to honouring their purpose.

Animals being transported for food are not wanting fear, pity, anger and misunderstanding from animal welfare campaigners meeting them at the gates of the slaughterhouse.  These selfless beings, born into the farming industry, have chosen to do so to bring awareness to the increasingly intensive processes and greed associated with it.  They are extremely sensitive and empathic to the overwhelming cries, shouts, anger and fear from those trying to bring awareness to their plight.

It is upsetting for them at a time when they are needing strength and understanding.  These animals ask for our love, respect, compassion, support and gratitude to help ease their journey and purpose.

They want to reassure all humans campaigning for their welfare that they fully understand their chosen life path and ask them to focus all that passionate energy into helping them raise awareness through other, more productive methods. They are wanting focus and transparency brought to the industry but via other resources.

By offering them this support we are helping them on their own purpose, not aiding our own agenda.

We need to shift our thinking radically, here, to help them and not make it more traumatic or upsetting.

Other species exist at a much higher vibration than many humans. Their connection with Source, and awareness of the Higher Purpose and their existence, is more acute than many humans.

Most humans live and exist predominantly in lower, physical vibrations.  We seek to help others, predominantly, in that state.  From that level, we get a perspective that is on a single dimension, it does not factor so many other levels of existence and ‘being’ which other species and beings know and understand.

This perspective limits our understanding and vision of a Soul’s existence, also limiting our understanding and ability when helping others.

We can offer advice and guidance to others, when it’s sought, but it’s important to always check-in with ourselves that we are offering this from the perspective, and for the good, of the recipient and their higher purpose.

We all have a purpose in this life, regardless of species.  To respect another’s purpose, and honour it, is crucial to co-existence.  This begins with helping others from a perspective of theirs, not our own.

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