Good Vibrations

While listening to music, recently, I got wondering about our connection with music, moods and energy levels. 
What is it with music that resonates with us all?

Then it came to me:
It’s all about the vibrations.  Just as the Beach Boys sang to us in their hit Good Vibrations.

It scared me the word ‘vibrations’. To think that invisible feelings, invisible vibrations existed, scared me to death.  My mother told me about dogs that would bark at people and not others, that a dog would pick up vibrations from these people who you can’t see but you can feel.  And the same existed with people”.         Brian Wilson, Rolling Stone Magazine 1976

We often connect with the vibration of the music which resonates with where we are at energetically. 
Could it be that our energy is harmonising with the music?
Research has shown that music can help people with cognitive illnesses learn a new perspective in their thinking.  Music therapy has been proven to help chronic and acute pain, reduce stress and “help those affected by injury, illness or disability through supporting their psychological, emotional, cognitive, physical, communicative and social needs”.  (British Association for Music Therapy).

Numerous studies have shown the effects of music when played to animals and plants alike.
While this research and various studies are great advocates for music therapy, the majority of information focusses on the chemical effect on the recipient.   What about the effect on our vibration? Are they connected?    

“When you’re happy, you enjoy the music but when you’re sad, you understand the lyrics.”       Frank Ocean

Many healers, energy workers, light workers and spiritual workers mention vibrational energy when discussing their work and modalities, but what is our vibrational energy?

Without attempting to sound like an high school Physics teacher, I’d only get myself lost! I’ll attempt a brief overview of energy and vibration:  Stick with me a moment.

We are, and everything around us is, made up of particles of energy.  Everything then vibrates because energy just does that.  We all have our own energy field, with multiple layers, within and around us and the level at which our energy vibrates affects our state of being.  Things which vibrate slowly are considered low vibrations and make up the physical realms and, as our vibration speeds up, or gets higher, we move into higher states of awareness and consciousness, the Spiritual realms.  When particles vibrate at a very high level, they become unseen. A bit similar to water turning to vapour.  The particles of energy are not always visible in this state but we know they are there because the water was visible just before we boiled the kettle. 

So, after that physics mini-recap, (a whole lifetime of theories and learning in one paragraph!), it’s safe to summarise that our vibrational state directly affects our state of existence. 

Lower vibrational energies, as I mentioned before, exist in the very physical realm.  We feel very connected with, and become aware of, all things human about ourselves at this level.  Our emotions, our pain, our challenges, our ego.  This is the state for processing emotions, events and trauma as well as acknowledging, accepting and releasing.  It’s where we need to be to begin our journey into growth and healing.

As we learn, or rediscover, our ability to raise our vibrational energy, we begin to increase our well-being.  We begin to self-heal, reducing our levels of stress and dis-ease.  We help our physical, emotional, spiritual and mental bodies find balance and harmony.  Raising our vibration can be achieved via multiple paths, individually or combined, which I’ll explain later.  These methods often involve diving deep within ourselves, our psyche, and questioning, facing and changing vital factors which we’re allowing to keep us comfortable in our lower vibrational state.

There are many reasons to deal with issues attached to our lower vibrational energy, our physical issues, and we need to go to this state of being to begin growth on every level of our being. 

Often mistakenly understood and portrayed as ‘negative’ aspects of ourselves, our challenges and traits in those lower vibrations are crucial to self-development.  They are as much a part of us and our growth as our ‘positive’ traits.  It’s necessary to spend time acknowledging our fears, our addictions, our anger, our grief, our challenges, our beliefs and our dis-eases.  They are all a part of who we are, why we are here and are aids in our Soul’s development.  Characteristics for us to learn from. 

When we learn, we grow.

Acknowledging, although a major first step, is only the beginning of the climb.  We then move on to the understanding, learning, processing and releasing of what we acknowledged.

This is one of the many reasons some people chose to tread water above the issues going on inside of them.  The danger of staying in these lower vibrations becomes very real because it can be seen as a place of sanctuary.  Many comfort zones, fears, learnt behaviour and social imprinting have set up shop in this space of lower vibrations.  How long we shop here depends on what we need to learn and process.  It is vital to remind ourselves, regularly, that this is not a space to permanently move to, just to visit on holiday until we have processed what is required.  Like a retreat (no coincidence we retreat into ourselves to do this). 

When we stay in these lower vibrations without addressing our issue, we can become a victim or hostage to our lesson.  We allow it to become a ‘normal’ state of existence, we adapt our life to accommodate it and condition ourselves to life with that fear, that emotion, that illness.  When we take the step to addressing our fear, our guilt, our grief, whatever our lesson is, we begin to raise our vibration.  We can then allow ourselves to release what we have learnt from and begin to heal.

What if we are not ready to face, or process, our lesson yet?  We may not have realised, or want to acknowledge, what it is we need to process.  When this happens, that lesson will continue to manifest as a physical ‘issue’. 

Whether it’s a behavioural trait, re-surfacing emotion, a trigger, illness or injury, it will reside with you until the cycle of acknowledgement, processing and release has been fulfilled.    

Without processing these aspects of ourselves, we are simply applying fresh paint over a weather-beaten piece of wood.  It may look tidy and neat on the surface, but underneath it will continue to deteriorate and fall apart.  We need to address and fix what’s underneath for an holistic, long-term solution.
So, once we have accepted our lesson and decided it’s time to help ourselves heal, how do we raise our vibration?

There are many modalities and methods which assist with this.  Some we can do ourselves, others we can seek assistance from others to assist us to heal ourselves. 

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, Sound and Music Therapy are fantastic methods of raising our vibration.  Even if we don’t attend a structured session with a therapist, listening to music which resonates happiness, joy and positivity will uplift and assist healing.
Many other creative outlets, such as art, writing and craft also stimulate healing. 

Spending quality time with our animal companions and in nature will, without effort, raise our vibrations.  Animals and plants have a naturally occurring higher vibration than most humans.  They live and exist in the present, without many of the energy imbalances most humans develop throughout their physical life.  This is due to many factors, most of which are why we find ourselves in the lower vibrations.  Animals and plants live without the social conditioning and learnt behaviours many humans develop as they grow.  They don’t develop the belief patterns many humans do as they develop through childhood.  They don’t hold onto emotions or live in fear.  All of which keep us from raising our vibration and healing.  By just ‘being’ in this higher vibration with them, we raise ours.  This is why we often feel good after being in nature or spending time with our beloved companion.

Animals and plants exist in a state of higher vibration, making them natural healers. 

Meditation enables us to just ‘be’ with ourselves.  To connect with self both on a cellular and higher consciousness level.  It can be a gateway to realisation, acceptance, enlightenment, understanding, connection and so much more.  Meditations can be guided (with the use of pre-recorded audio or a meditation teacher), in group or practised alone.  Whether it’s a 5 minute meditation or 1 hour, it will help raise our vibration, bringing healing and awareness.

Reiki is a wonderful method of raising our vibration.  Whether it’s Self-Reiki, following an Attunement, or seeking the assistance of a Reiki practitioner, this gentle energy healing modality connects with the Universal Source Energy to raise the vibration of the recipient and heals on multiple energy levels.  Reiki gently encourages the body, Soul and mind to heal itself, promoting an holistic, thorough treatment.

Flower Essences, Bush Essences and essential oils are wonderful aids when we seek healing.  The essences are produced by harvesting the vibrational essence of the plant or flower.  They work directly with the vibrations in our energy fields to bring balance and encourage self-healing.   Essential oils focus more on the cellular level, stimulating areas of the limbic and respiratory systems, amongst others.  They also help the body to heal itself and balance energies in the surrounding environment. 

Other forms of energy healing and bodywork, including amongst many others, are Light, crystal and Pranic.  They all work with our energy fields to bring our vibration higher and heal on multiple levels.  Our energy flows in waves, just as in sound, light and wind.  

Nature’s energy waves and our energy waves harmonise when we are in balance, raising our vibration and promoting healing, awareness and understanding.

Changes in diet and medication can help raise the vibration of our energy field.  What we fuel our physical body with impacts on how we perform and function.  Like all fuel, if we use the wrong product, we can mess up the well-tuned mechanics of the body.  This can then manifest as disease, illness, behavioural issues and more.  Medications, like a poor diet, can suppress the physical body’s own ability to adapt and heal.  A change of medication is not always a possibility so combining conventional medicine with one or more of these natural healing modalities helps the recipient balance the effects of the medication on their energetic and physical levels.

Through these modalities, the energy fields within and around our physical, emotional, mental and Spiritual bodies harmonise with the vibrations of the Universal energy.  As we change the level of our vibration through healing, it resonates through our physical, mental and emotional bodies, lifting the vibration of our multiple energetic layers.

We are re-balanced and, as our vibrations rises, so does our awareness of our connection to ourselves, our loved ones, and our world. 

Our awareness of the Higher Consciousness is heightened and we recognise who we truly are at Soul Level. 

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  1. Hi Nicola,

    I love that word.Everything in life is vibration.We are energy beings which vibrate with a certain frequency.In that sense we are same like nature 🙂

    1. Yes, Ben 😊 We are connected and exist as one energy with nature, everything and everyone around us. Hence what we do to others we do to ourselves and vice-versa 💚 xxx

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