Attachment Awareness

“Tendril ~ A slender threadlike appendage… that stretches out and twines around any suitable support.
Tendrils respond to touch and to chemical factors.. adhering to suitable hosts”


We can’t tie ourselves to others. Strength is standing separate but alongside each other.

We dilute our strengths, our lessons, everything about us, when we attach to others. We do it to them, too, but that is not a concern we need to focus on when we are healing ourselves. That is their own path.

For our own self healing, focus on self. Be with others but not in others.

Otherwise, it can fast become a tangled mess of:

  • ‘Whose lessons are we experiencing?’
  • ‘Whose reality are we experiencing?’
  • ‘Whose thoughts are we experiencing?’

The energies entwine and we become a big blobby mess.

Untangle those roots, those cords. We don’t need to cut, dissolve, anything like that. It’s just ‘claim ours back’. Those tendrils that we put out and attached ourselves to someone else, just remove them. Take them back and put them within your own energy source, your own energy fields, your own self. They are a part of you not, somebody else.

Why do we attach to others?

Is there something about them we wish to have in ourselves, for ourselves? Essences of them we would like to have as an essence of our own? Qualities, characteristics we like about them, that we wish we were like?

We can’t just go in there, attach ourselves and suck it out of them. It’s for us to find that within ourselves and bring it up to the surface of ourselves. We need to go and find it within us.

Is there something about them we need to learn from that we are attaching to, to get closer to, to experience it more so we can process it ourselves, as a lesson for ourselves, possibly?

We need to decide if we are feeling it is a lack within ourselves. If it is something we want to ‘take’ energetically from someone else, we need to deal with that within our self.

That’s how we find that strength to stand by our self, with others, alongside others, but as our Self.

We can do this with our animal companions very easily.

We can form attachments with them. We can on days when we are needing extra love, extra cuddles. We need to be so careful to allow them, and ourselves, to function freely of each other while also being there to support each other.

It’s easy to demand attention when we are feeling needy.
It’s easy to project emotions when we are feeling emotional.
We are attaching ourselves, energetically, to them.
We are trying to make them extensions of ourselves.

Some animal companions are becoming status symbols. They are becoming accessories. They are becoming displays of our personalities, of our characteristics.

The energies are getting entwined. Another form of attachment.

Are we truly, unconditionally, loving our animal companion? Or anyone else around us, not just our animal companions.

Detach the need for a companion, and replace it with companionship. Unconditional companionship. Detach the reliance on them and appreciate the time we have together.

What they have to teach us, and what we have to teach them.

The joy of just being together, without creating extensions of ourselves. Without creating someone who either needs to be with us or we need them to be with us.

Check in with yourself and feel any tendrils reaching out and grasping onto those you love. Any desperation within yourself, any fears within yourself, relating to relationships you have.

See yourself sitting back, and observing your loved ones with love. Not with desperation to cling on, or attach yourself to them in any way.

Stand strong in yourself.

It allows you to be you, but it also allows your loved ones to be who they are without that mix-match of energies.

It untangles the energies.

4 thoughts on “Attachment Awareness

  1. Beautiful insightful sharing thank you Nicola what a gift you have for communicating with our animal companions and our inner being.

  2. Yet another beautiful post, thank you Nicola. Funnily enough, when I was feeling very depressed, and “needed” Henry, I stayed away from him, because horses are so healing, beautiful and intuitive souls, I didn’t want to lean on him, and burden him. I am very uncomfortable about the treatment of some therapy animals, and feel that too much is expected of them. When I see lots of people laying hands on one horse, I feel sickened and protective of the horse. I truly love and value all animals, I am less fond of my own species. Some human beings are truly wonderful, and some are not. You and Catherine, and so many good people bring me hope. Much love J xxx

    1. Yes, we do need to be very aware of our own expectations, Julie, and respect for ourselves and each other. Something humans can overlook or be indifferent to with other species.
      That line between supporting ourselves, each other and attaching to each other can often get blurred.
      Awareness is key, yet again 😘
      Sending lots of love to you, dear Julie 💚

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