Sick to the Stomach

With so much research, and information obtained during continued studies, one could presume that we ought to be more aware, and have more knowledge, of the human digestive system and nutrition than prior to the many decades of research.

So why are more people presenting, and being diagnosed, with gut issues over recent decades?

Is it simply the varied choices of consumption we have and are now making? Additives, fats, preservatives, farming practises and medicines have changed what we consume and how we consume.

Out of season foods become available all year round.  Previously local food choices cross climate zones and continents.  Farming practises create hidden ingredients and unnatural products for consumption.  ‘Fake foods’ imitate real ingredients and products.

The variances go on….

Is there more to this though?

Previous conversations with the Animal Realm confirmed our nutrition and food choices were not exactly role-model material and were affecting our vibrations, making us physically, emotionally and mentally sick, individually and as a species.

A more recent conversation revealed that there was more to our sickness as a global community than just our consumption choices.

We have also increased the quantity and quality of fear we allow ourselves to accommodate.

A familiar word mentioned throughout life’s experiences and referred to often during healing sessions and energy work but what is Fear?  How and why does it affect us?

We are all familiar, and many of us nervous, when we relate to fear created whilst ‘getting spooked’ experiencing movies, simulations, video games, books, and other similar avenues.  Fear can be triggered by trauma, when experiences and events spark different areas of our brain to react differently to ‘normal protocol’.  Stored and suppressed emotions rise to the surface unexpectedly to help our healing process.  We are stimulated into a sense of instability, survival and instinct by these fears.  Most of us, uncomfortably.

There is the frying pan in the face fear, when we are fully aware of feeling and experiencing it.  Then there is the more subtle, gentle fear, which is so settled into our psyche that we don’t always know it exists.  Sometimes we do, but prefer not to acknowledge it to protect ourselves and our comfort zone.

Whichever fear resides in our physical being, the longer it is left unattended, the longer the physical, emotional and mental challenges co-exist with it.  Fear doesn’t like to be lonely, there is more chance it will be identified, rectified and resolved when isolated.

It was last year when the handsome, wise Lee shared how fear can reside in our bodies like a festering splinter.  The longer it stays, the deeper it can travel, creating infection, sickness and disease.

By allowing fear to become a part of us, we begin to adapt to its needs and conditions until we feel we are living with fear comfortably.  We are not comfortable, only adjusted.

Like the infection from a splinter, the signs and symptoms associated with fear can be diverse and appear very distant to the source site of disease.

We begin to live with fear as a constant and, as we are shown more situations, events or beliefs to fear, we also create more fear within us.  Along with that experience or belief becoming a part of us, we also allow fear to become a part of us.  It is then becomes what we believe our existence to be.

The recent insight from our wise animal friends showed that as more humans struggle to process increasing concerns and fears associated with individual and global challenges, the greater the challenges associated with digestion.

The reason becomes clear when we understand why this is happening.

When we hold fear within us, we create a blockage, like a knot in our energetic pathways.  Instead of these pathways being clear to allow energy to flow freely around our physical and ethereal bodies, energy gets ‘stuck’ in the knot.  Imagine it as blood getting clogged up and not arriving to the required organs, cells and tissues in our physical body.  Our body would struggle to function, until it eventually ceased.

Chakras and meridians in our body create pathways for energy to flow freely.  If we are holding fear, it presents in our third chakra, the Manipura, or Solar Plexus Chakra.  This chakra regulates the energy around the centre of our physical body – just above the navel under the ribs area.  It regulates the functioning of the digestive system and adrenal glands.  Therefore, as more fear is stored, the blockage in our Solar Plexus increases, creating numerous symptoms, primarily digestive issues.

So many eating disorders relate to fear.  Eating to protect (fear of loss), eating (or not eating) through fear of rejection, comfort or isolation.  Struggling to digest information, a situation or event in life can create a number of digestive issues.  Many humans find the challenges of life stressful and fear they are not in control.  IBS, cramps and other stomach diseases present the more we allow fear to reside in us.

By taking back responsibility and control of ourselves, we begin to release fear.

Our species is, literally, sick to the stomach.  We are struggling to digest and process the ever-accumulating fear triggers.  We allow others, consciously or sub-consciously, to instil their beliefs onto us like they were our own.

It may be this lifetime or another, but many fears have been borrowed from somewhere, or someone, else and need to be released.  They do not empower or support us.

So, how do we release our fears and re-balance our guts?

Very gently.

Facing and releasing fears can take a day or lifetime, depending on how deep-rooted they are and our willingness to release.  We may have further learning attached to certain fears.  If we still have an outstanding lesson, we will be unable to release that fear until the lesson is complete.  We may not feel ready to face, acknowledge and process that fear yet.  Patience, compassion and gentleness on self are the keys to processing our fear.

To assist in the release of fear, we have multiple aids.

We can ask ourselves, what is it that triggers me? What emotions are being brought up and what is I fear from that trigger?

Anger, sadness, discomfort and frustration are some of the signs a fear has been triggered. The fear could be a belief you consider as truth. An assumption or learnt behaviour.

The process of release requires honesty and patience.  Facing up to our triggers and fears is often very challenging and can stir up a lot of mud that has had lifetimes to settle.

Observing our emotions gives us valuable insight into our own fears and triggers.  This process of non-judgemental observation can be very confronting but very rewarding when resolved.

A chakra balance and energy work can help balance the energetic pathways in and around the body.  Imbalances in the aura and physical body will often shed light on areas requiring healing.

The animals also suggested we can ‘See our Soul” when releasing fears.  It will help the process feel more comfortable.  By reconnecting with our true self, we connect with the fresh, clean, ‘unprogrammed’ self which is our Soul.  At Soul level we have no fear.  That feature resides in our physical, human self.  It can be carried through lifetimes when unresolved, also passed genetically through generations which is another great incentive to get processing.

Through recognising and acknowledging that we do not need to hold onto any fear, we learn to live freely without it.  We begin to recognise that we can exist without these triggers and learnt beliefs which created the fear.  By actively releasing all fear, we connect with a blissful freedom and peace in life.  That is when we realise, although sometimes easier to live in ignorance which is softer on our emotions, how unhealthy it was to suppress rather than release.

Happy life = Happy tummy.

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