We are all immortal

The following stems from a question I asked the Animal Realm recently while pondering life, our needs and purposes.

I asked them:

“Where will all the Souls go as more people follow a vegan lifestyle and fewer animals are consumed for food?”

I questioned how there would be fewer bodies for all the Souls to incarnate into.

It intrigued me.  Where would these Souls go?

The reply from the ever-patient Animal Realm was very clear.  “There will be less of us needed.  We are many while humans are transforming and developing.  We are here to infect with love”.DSC_0498 (13)

They showed me a big cloak of love energy, like a clear ripple from a blast, covering us all.  These selfless Souls will no longer need to incarnate into physical beings to raise our vibration and awareness.  They will be able to remain as energy and exist as energy.  That specific mission will be completed and they will continue to co-exist and connect with us from the higher vibrations.

A physical form is not essential, or required, to exist. That is only an human perception of life – a physical beating heart and breathing body.

So, what if life is energy, rather than life is the body?

Our perception of our connection with other animals and all around us would shift from temporary to infinite.

We would see, feel and experience our relationships as the eternal bonds that they are and not just fleeting moments in a ‘lifetime’.

By understanding that energy is existence and life is energy, we begin to realise we are actually all immortal.  Energy never ceases, therefore life never ceases.  Our connections never cease.

Our bodies are time-limited carriages, valuable aids to facilitate us though our purpose on Earth but we, as beings, are immortal.

As shared in previous articles, many humans understand existence from a three-dimensional perspective.  We are often only seeing the physical dimension and are unmindful to the other dimensions of existence where there is much to learn.

Aldous Huxley suggested that the function of the brain, nervous system and sensory organs is to filter information rather than for production.

Rather than our senses getting overwhelmed with the concept of multiple planes, the brain protects us and limits our senses to allow us to function physically.

So, what if we are beginning the process of change?  Shifting from brain dependant beings to spiritual beings?

Our species is already searching for, adjusting to and existing in other dimensions.  We are trying to venture further into our understanding of the Universe to explore ‘outer space’ but these explorations are still focussing solely on the physical aspect – moving our physical bodies via physical transport devices to physical locations and entities.

Some of my companions have previously asked why humans need to physically travel to be with loved ones when we can, and do, exist together at higher vibrations.  I reminded them of our human need to physically connect with others during important lifetime events, which received a compassionate nod of understanding.

The animals are sharing that it is time for us all to start focussing and practising travelling energetically to each other to higher vibrations and dimensions.  This will take practise, adjustment and re-thinking but it is something we can all do.  Many already do, with and without realising.  When we send our love, thoughts and prayers to others, we are being with them energetically from a distance.  We are sending our energy ‘out there’.  Now it is time for us to practise connecting with the energies we receive to create a two-way interaction.

This also got me pondering how the advancement of social media could be playing a part in this evolvement?

Often portrayed as the demise of intimate interactions, could social media be preparing us, as a species, for the advancement of non-contact and non-verbal communications?

Animal communication has been a catalyst for my journey, and many others, into energy travel and communication.  It facilitates one to energetically connect and ‘be’ with another being when not physically together, making it invaluable to growth, purpose and existence.

As my beautiful Spirit Companion, Xena, shared:

“We are all existing in a big bowl of energetic soup.  Those of us existing as physical beings are the croutons, veggies and other solid ingredients floating around with our energetic loved ones who have Transitioned or are waiting to join us.  We can feel them and sometimes see them with us, around us and supporting us.  The soup is whole but we are all individual ingredients combining together to become one substance.”

Bon Appetit

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