Cat Love

I was recently asking George about why cats are so adored.

Mentioning how much I adore him, I asked George why have cats, in particular, been so adored throughout history, to the point of worship?

George explained it’s because through them we recognise the strengths, the independence, the self-love inherent in us, without the self-consciousness; without thinking we are forming a God-complex about ourselves, without that ego attachment.

We are recognising, in them, what is within ourselves but can justify it as OK by making it about someone else. We’re not being self-conscious about it.

For various reasons, the ego is not happy to admit we can self-love, that we can adore ourselves.

We often have to make it about somebody else to make it OK.

When we do begin our journey with self-love, and reconnect with that, we can also reconnect with mixed and over-whelming emotions that are triggered by belief patterns associated with loving ourselves.

Many of us are taught, from a very young age, how putting ourselves first is selfish. We are programmed to think of others, and look after others, before ourselves.

The programmed belief patterns surrounding self-love can be so deep, the emotions so painful when they surface, that it is easier to continue as is and chose to ignore the damage we are doing to ourselves. We then continue to limit our growth and box ourselves. We enable these belief patterns to continue, develop and root themselves deeper within us and future generations.

I often find myself reminding clients and students, and therefore myself, self-love is not selfish. It is vital. The love we connect with and nurture within ourselves, by ourselves, is critical. It’s time to re-programme ourselves to care for ourselves first. Then share that love and care with others. It’s an old cliché but profoundly true: we cannot share from an empty cup. How many of us have kept trying, knowing we are exhausted, until our physical bodies kick in and force us to rest?

Thinking that Humanity has got to that point where we can’t love ourselves openly can seem sad, but we can. It’s just we can also be very conscious about loving ourselves openly, adoring ourselves and feeling so good about ourselves too.

To exist in love, including and especially self-love, without attachment, (attachment to reaction, result, condition or consequence), is incredibly free-ing. It is unconditional and a release from anything that limits us.

It is everything we love and recognise, within ourselves, at that soul level.

Other cats have previously shared, during communications, how they join us to help us find our own independence in love, to release the need to find love from others and help strengthen our own self-love.

George confirmed this during our recent chat, reconfirming that is the love a cat brings: that self-love, that appreciation for self, that confidence. Everything we ought to be doing for ourselves but find it justifiable to recognise it in others.

That’s why we love these guys so much because that it what they exemplify. That’s just what they are.