Want and need. Love and Fear.

Shifting energies within relationships can find many of us struggling to recognise who and what we need in our lives, who and what we want, those who want us in their lives and those who need us.

This has been a recurring, powerful learning curve for me over the past couple of years with deep understandings continuing to come through. 

Wanting someone in your life, and being wanted, offers a very different energetic relationship to those needing or being needed. This includes ourself.

A relationship with someone founded on want brings appreciation, gratitude, enjoyment, fulfilment, joy and peace. It becomes a naturally balanced, higher vibrating relationship of freedom and enjoyment.  It is created from and exists in the energy of Love.

When the want shifts to need, it becomes fear-based. It builds pressure and bonds through conditions, expectation, judgement, lacking and reliance. Ego energy then binds that relationship founded on low energy Fear. 

Relationships can begin at a want/need stage and they can shift between both.

If it begins as a need, it’s very likely a trigger relationship created for a lesson. A lesson requested by that party at Soul Level.

We choose at Soul Level, before incarnation to a physical life, our relationships with others, places and times for lessons during that lifetime. 

It’s a want to help ourselves grow, to learn and understand.

When we begin to openly and honestly consider why the need is there, we shift the need aspect to a want.  A want to learn, to grow, to understand.  We shift the energy within that experience from fear to love, opening ourself up to a deeper understanding, perspective and insight.   The lessons will still come but from a space of gratitude and appreciation instead of judgement and expectation.

Want can transform into need, and vice-versa, while we sleep (literally and figuratively.)

We can be so distracted with our physical life, we become unaware of the silent, subtle yet significant energetic shifts within any one of our relationships, within and around us.

Regular check-ins with our self, our relationships with our experiences, our tribe, and all that is occurring in our own life will help raise awareness to any shifting going on. 

When energetic changes are occurring, consider the reasons and whether it serves your purpose.

Remember: shifts are occurring to teach.

Remind yourself, gently, that you wanted your lessons and bring yourself back to learning and experiencing in love, not fear.  Allow yourself to ease the challenge while still bringing the lesson you requested.  Living them as a need shifts their energy and dynamics making them more challenging and will roughen-up the journey.

Embracing all relationships, whether it’s one with our lessons, our self, another person, other species, a place or event, while remembering that we chose them because we wanted to experience them, releases the pressures and constraints of needing them. We shift the energy back to an experience/relationship within love.  Back to appreciation, gratitude and a more peaceful space.

We rediscover a peace and happiness at deep Soul Level because we are reconnecting with what our Soul chose, what we wanted.