World Animal Day 2022

“Don’t forget us as you go through your own shift. We accompany you. Our energies are also involved. We support and accompany you through this process. Please stay aware of that.

We ask, not for reward or acknowledgment (that is ego), but so that you remain aware of our presence, for support.

Also because the awareness of our presence, our energies combining and involved, will contribute to the shift itself. It will amplify, strengthen and energise what you are achieving.

We exist as one.
We flow as one.
We shift as one and we create change as one.

Trying to do this alone, ‘thinking’ of being alone throughout this, separates you. By all means recognise what you need and require for your own purpose but also remain aware of the momentum as one, All.

We all move together. We move as one.

We speak of, as a consciousness. Your human involvement is as individual as you are.

Like the leaves on a tree, we are all individual but exist and work together as one for collective growth. Generations of leaves will grow, blossom, fall and return to the earth, transforming themselves and allowing space for the next generation to come through and grow.

The tree is aware of her/his existence because of, and with, the soil, Mother Earth, the animals and the elements. S/he knows that without each other s/he wouldn’t exist and produce. We all remember that and ask you to, too. To stay aware of that knowledge and keep it with you.

Reside in that understanding. Exist in, and with, that knowledge. That is where the most effective change occurs. Because of, and with, that energy. Because of, and within, that energetic zone.

That is what we all carry forward with us. That is the energy of forward momentum we seek to produce and expand. Feel it, yourself. Connect in with that yourself.

Jump in and energise that flow with us, as one river of energy.


That’s how we support one another.

With that momentum, we can afford to offer each other a lift when another tires. The collective flow carries those when they need, and keeps them moving with us all. Those who need to rest can do so while not being ‘left behind’. They remain supported and as one with us all.

One day it may be you, another day a loved one, another day a stranger you may never meet. Your effect is profound, even if you are not privy to the outcome.

We (the animals) do not exist for ‘results’. We do, we act, and we exist just because. Acting conditionally, for reward, praise, recognition and/or a specific, controlled, outcome is ego.

Be careful of acting for recognition or a reward, however small, significant or insignificant. That is conditional.

Just do, just be and just create what is needed, unconditionally, without the need to know the ramifications.

That is where the flow exists.”

2 thoughts on “World Animal Day 2022

  1. Thank you, to our Animal and Nature Soul Kin, who can always be relied on to reflect only truth and love, and thank yo Nicola, for sharing this with us.
    With deep appreciation

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