Heart lessons continued

For those who follow my page or have read my previous blogs, particularly Straight from the Heart and Synchronicithree, you will be well aware of the importance of the heart in energy healing and how it is the centre of all that exists.  20160802_202118

I recently began pondering why it is the heart where we feel our spiritual connection and why do we connect energetically from our heart?  After all, don’t we use the phrase ‘gut instinct’?

I decided to pose these questions to my animal companions to seek their perspective and I received a strong response “It is our core essence”.

And it is.

From being the first muscular organ to fully form as we develop into a baby, to the final beat as we leave this life, the heart is a constant in our physical and spiritual self.

The heart is the core of all life.  It is what drives our physical form, pumping life-giving blood throughout our bodies, and where our spiritual connection thrives.

I often hear feedback from people during and after healing sessions where they have experienced a feeling in their chest area.  Whether it is an ache, a pull or a flutter, there is a sensation in this heart area common to many healings.

We feel the connection from our heart because it is our heart that is at the centre of all our healing. 2016-04-17 21.02.35_20160808215730467

As with the rest of our physical body, when we use a muscle, it aches and as it heals, we feel twinges and pain.

Our heart is no different.  Or is it?

As previous conversations with my animal friends has confirmed, the heart is at the centre of all that is connected, like a spider web.  It is a delicate but strong structure where the slightest bit of interference ripples through to the centre.  All that we experience affects our core, our heart at the centre of the web.

An unborn baby’s heart is beating steadily before it can even be heard with a doctor’s stethoscope.  It is as silent and strong as the spiritual heart connection.

Could this be how some women ‘know’  they are pregnant before any physical signs and symptoms?  Are they tapping into that heart connection already?  A bond which will stay with them forever?

But why is the energy from our heart?

I was shown that our hearts are our hard drives, our mind are the processors.  The heart is a simple but effective hard drive for energy.  The mind takes the role of processing, leaving pure energy to be stored, released and received within our heart.  There is no clutter, just the absorption and release of energy.  Life giving, loving and pure soul energy.

Our energy radiates from this centre, uninhibited by the proceHappy Virationssses of the mind.

That inner energy is very powerful, it is our own in-built power source. As I’ve mentioned before, we can often see strength as an external process – how we react to a situation and how we handle experiences.  Our real strength is much deeper than that and it is something which requires constant upkeep and check-ins.  We need to look deep into the core of our being and find that energy within us, then connect with it and feel how it is beating.  Visualise it constantly spinning and pulsating, emanating pure love.

By connecting with this self-powered source of love, an empowering strength evolves from within ourselves.  The animals have shown me that this is the energy we need to be sharing with each other so we can empower others as we pass it on.

Some refer to it as their light, others love and others energy.  It is all of these.


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