12119982_945317148859760_7467403261146072858_oInterspecies communication requires a great deal of respect between myself and the animal(s) I am sitting with.  I have mentioned this because a couple of recent interactions with people who heard what I do ended with them wanting me to tell them what their companion was thinking right there and then.

I knew they were testing me and it humoured me that they never asked me what their human friend was thinking.  And why should they?

Every being has an innate right to privacy.

If your horse wants to tell you something, s/he will definitely be telling you, it is up to you to recognise the signs.

Once you recognise your companion is telling you something, you may understand or choose to have the message interpreted for you by an animal communicator.  There is nothing wrong with you asking your companion questions but to delve straight into the psyche of another being is an invasion of their privacy.

We must all learn to respect each other as emotional, cognitive beings because that’s what we are.

With this respect comes understanding.

Although we may not agree with another’s opinion or choice, it doesn’t mean we cannot begin to understand it.  We are all very unique with opportunities to have and express personal opinions but by refusing to understand those of others, we become blocked.  Communication breaks down and development as individuals and as society stalls.  Trying to learn more about the choice somebody else made may lead us to learn more about ourselves.  It offers an opportunity to bring new knowledge into our own lives which we can take with us as we walk our path and share with others along the way.

The language of all animals is one of compassion, love and respect.

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