Anything to ask?

This is just a guide to some of the questions asked.  Please feel free to contact me if you have a query which is not covered here.

Can anybody communicate with animals?


That is the joy of Animal Communication.  It is not a ‘gift’ someone is born with, it is an ability and knowledge we all have within us.

It just takes practice and patience.  The assistance of learning aids to redevelop what we already know is often useful.

As with all learning, we all develop at our own pace.  When you begin reconnecting with this beautiful language, remember to place no pressure or expectations on yourself.  Allow yourself to enjoy the journey, experience and many friendships you will develop along the way.

How do I redevelop my ability to connect with animals?

You can attend one of my interactive workshops to retune and reconnect at a much deeper level with animals.  Information on workshops can be found on the Workshops, Courses and Events page.

You can also find a wealth of information on the internet.  There are many learning aids available, including books, DVDs and webinars.

How will a session help my animal?

Healing sessions and Communication sessions often help identify and resolve any physical, mental or emotional issues which may be affecting the quality of your companion’s life.

A communication session will allow your companion to pass on any messages s/he is wanting to share.  If your dog is barking, for example, and you feel it is for no reason, a Communication session will allow me to ask your dog if s/he would like to talk about why s/he is barking.  What is s/he trying to tell you?

The non-verbal language of animals can present challenges when trying to resolve situations.  Communication sessions enable us to interact with and ask our companions if, and what, they would like to share.

What if my companion doesn’t want a session?

Prior to any consultation, I will always ask every companion for their consent and if they are wanting to participate in the session.  I have been shown and told, during many sessions, that our animal friends are very keen to connect with humans to assist themselves, and us, in improving all aspects of existence.  On the rare occasions an animal hasn’t felt ready to participate, I simply asked to reconnect with her/him at another time when s/he is ready.

It is a core precept that all beings have free will and have the same right to privacy as each other. This same respect must be shown towards our companion animals as towards humans.

How long does a Communication or Healing session last?

Healing sessions normally last approximately one hour, although this can depend on the animal and what is required.

Communications can take longer, dependent on what the animal has to say, or if more time is required to help the animal resolve an issue.

Can I purchase a session as a gift?


Gift vouchers make wonderful, unique gifts and can be emailed to you or the recipient for convenience.  

You can buy a gift voucher for a Communication, Healing session or Chakra Healing.  There is also the option to purchase a Bundle Package where you can combine sessions to your requirements.

You can also buy a voucher as part-payment towards a session.  Please contact me with any enquiries.

How do I book?

You can book via the shop or call/WhatsApp me on +353 894184769.