Distance Reiki Session


1 Hour Reiki Healing  (approx.) via images.

A full transcript of any information that arises during the session.

One follow-up consultation.


A Distance Reiki Session offers the wonderful healing modality of Reiki via photographic images.

Reiki is a gentle modality, beneficial to all species.

Reiki offers healing energy to the recipient to utilise as they need.  It is not a ‘quick fix’ solution but instead allows the recipient access to energy for powerful self-healing.  A Reiki practitioner presents as the ‘conduit’ while sharing this energy.

A session can address specific issues, such as trauma, illness and dis-ease or be utilised as part of a general healing.

Distance sessions are as effective as home visits and are ideal for anyone who is unable to travel or when a home visit is not an option.

Messages for the recipient of an energy healing can often be received during a session.  Any information that is offered is forwarded directly to you via written transcript following the session.  An audio transcript is also available.

If you are from a sanctuary or rescue group, please contact me regarding pro-bono sessions.