The World of Interspecies Communication opens up many channels to other insights, knowledge and wisdom. Through this expanding journey, many connections are made as I team up with others passionate about helping us grow in our own awareness of all that is around and within us.

I remain eternally grateful to all those who share their path and passion with me and allow me to share mine with them.

Feel free to wander through these projects to find what resonates with you on your journey.

The Fundamental Teachings of Mother Earth

Whether it’s Mother Earth, the trees, the ocean, insects, humans or other animals, each has their own knowledge and wisdom to offer.

Join us on our journey as we connect and share insights to help humanity understand more for our own growth and the growth of our species and planet.

The SunShine Sessions

This is a series of insights and messages from SunShine the Pig.

Inspired by the deep connection formed between SunShine and Utopia, a very wise young girl living near SunShine lived in Italy.

Utopia and SunShine unite to assist us with our understanding of our connections and disconnections with other beings, particularly SunShine and other pigs.

Healing with US

A YouTube Channel born after Catherine and Nicola received a call from Mother Earth, the animals and the Spirit Guides, to pool their practised abilities.

The channel is dedicated to sharing insight from all beings & the Higher Realms.

7-Day World Interspecies Communication Practice Challenge

This is the 7th and final stop (representing Europe) of a 7-Day World Interspecies Communication Practice Challenge.

Interspecies communicators Catherine Louise Birmingham and Nicola Poole talk with Josh Coen of Speak! Good Human about Communicating with Mother Earth….. and how every single thing in the universe is connected and part of the whole, yet each is available for an individual connection.


31 Days of SunShine

A farmed animal’s perspective on life and death.

The full collection of thought-provoking messages and insights shared by SunShine the Pig.

If you would like to know more, please feel free to contact me.