Message from crow

“We can be misunderstood but what is ‘misunderstood’?

It’s someone else’s perspective of us.
It’s not wrong, it’s what they need at that time for their understanding, so is it really ‘misunderstood’?

They are understanding their own relationship with me, my relationship with them and their relationship with our species at that moment or until they get what they need; their message, their understanding, their insight, their knowledge through from us as a species or from me as a particular being.

It’s a common misconception that something that has been misunderstood, or a misunderstanding, means something has been understood wrongly. It’s not being understood wrongly, it has been understood as is needed for that moment in time or for that experience.

When our species is ‘misunderstood’ we are bringing something to someone that they are needing at that time for their understanding.

Understandings shift and change as we shift and change. We’re only understanding things for that section, that segment, of our journey. Other perspectives and understandings slot into place when the time is right, when we are aligned and everything aligns with us and our path, our purpose, for what we need at that point, at that exact moment.

If you are not understanding something are you actually meant to realise it now? If you are meant to at some point, it will come to you; that ‘Ah-ha’ moment, the true understanding rather than your misconception of what is happening to you/for you.”

World Wild Life Day Message

Rethink the box.

Wild is free. It is loose, not contained. Free to be you, not controlled as a species.

All life is wild.  All Beings are wild. 

Just like food is organic until treated; life, being, existence is wild until you add restricting behaviours, patterns of belief, and start building a box around you to protect yourself.

Life is not boxed until you make it. 

It is you who builds the box, it is you who can remove the box using the tools you found to build your thoughts, beliefs, anything.

To be unrestrained is confronting.  It forces you to face your own strengths and weaknesses which can be as challenging as each other.

The power is yours.  The ‘blame’ is yours.  The responsibility is yours.

Freedom, wildness, can be a heavy burden when you think about it rather than feel it.

Rewilding yourself can start with the planting of one seed, by allowing your thoughts to run free.  Release them and nurture what you feel rather than what you think.

It’s not always about finding your freedom but also about releasing your constraints.

  • Why do you hold yourself back?
  • Why do you box yourself?
  • Why have you not seized that opportunity?

Fly Insight
Image: Yerpo Wikimedia Commons

“All systems are go.
We use our wings, we use our legs.

We use our senses.
Use all systems.
Your body has more than one avenue to navigate.
We shut some areas down to rest, to prevent overload, to utilise others or to practise with others. Some systems are more sensitive to what we need at that time.
Like you do with your senses when rediscovering Animal Communication, use the system that is forefront at that time.

When you try to ‘force’ another way or switch systems because you feel you ‘should’, you lose the avenue that has been dedicated/opened up by you for you.

Your mind and your senses work in similar ways, with one area, one sense, waiting patiently for its turn to step up, activate itself fully and respond to its area of expertise.
It will then settle into the background for another to take its turn and so on.

Allow this to flow without friction, without the grit of conscious persuasion of ego.”

Bird Community Message

“Sing, chat, communicate, fly, soar and dig.

Explore all you are capable of.

There is no box, no cage confining you. 

Do you live the illusion of a mime, creating your own box and boundaries?  Is this for safety?  For comfort? What fear-walls are you creating?

Did you form those borders and walls from your beliefs, from listening to other’s beliefs? 

Feel past those walls.  They are as invisible as the fears that helped build them.

Explore the openness, your freedom and access to everywhere you have.  It is within you as much as outside you.

Glide with the storms.

Sing and play when the sun brings warmth and light.

Dive into the seas to cleanse and nourish.

Rest on the branches of support.

Find your family, your community, your tribe who assist your journey.  Bring to them the gifts only you can bring.  You will complete them as much as they complete you.

Soar to the heights of your desire while remembering those who support your climb.

Remember the land to which you will return for, like a beloved mother, She awaits your return with an open heart.

Hear Our song.   Feel Our tune in your hearts.

We sing for us and for you to uplift the vibration of All.

Please join us in song next time you hear us.”

Birthdays, according to Wilf

I asked Wilf if he celebrates his birth day.

Did he recognise the day of his arrival into his physical?

Wilf replied:

“It’s an event in my life timeline.

I get excited. It is an exciting event. I remember having a feeling of “right, let’s do this. Go get ‘em” when I was coming into this world.

We are already working with Spirit/Source/God when we are conceived. We are constructing our physical and finalising our form with that energy source while in utero. Similar to an architect during construction, we are all ‘works in progress’ until born.

There are still physical and neurological ‘tweaks’ going on after that, if adjustments are needed throughout life.”

Asking Wilf what he felt about humans recognising and celebrating other species’ birthdays, he continued to share:

“I like how humans recognise the day of a being’s birth, although conception days are very under-celebrated by many humans. That is the day we really turn up.”

Mother Earth continues:

“It is no coincidence, child, that you feel for me so strongly. Our make-up is very similar, we are one and the same.
You are a mini-me. A perfect little version of a world in existence.

Consider the percentages of our oceans to body, mine above and yours within. My Oceans run with your own oceans.
Lungs which bring you oxygen mimic my lungs, the plants and trees. The lungs of your physical are born of my plants. Roots and veins transport necessary nutrients to their destination.
Look closer at my micro-organisms and see how they parallel your own micro-organisms and antibodies.
Your skin filters and absorbs, like the soils which surface myself.
My weather systems carry and flow like your thoughts.
Water, nitrogen, carbon and oxygen are just a few of the fundamental elements in both our creations.

See the great Earth that you are, a grand body of existence of diversity, growth and experience.
Allow others to explore your world while you openly share your insight with all. What is yours to teach is knowledge for all, not an item to withhold.

All that is occurring on me, is happening in you.
Fires and anger rage.
Floods of emotions flow in torrents.
Mass exoduses and migrations of humanity are like a pandemic across my skin.

I need to rest to recover which is why you are being asked to pause and reassess, as individuals and a species.

You are your world, as I am your world. Look after me and you look after yourself.
With love and compassion,
Mother Earth.”

Moon and Earth Message

“Watch and wait. All will be revealed.
Soak in the energy and release waste.

Filter yourself through us for we can release to each other. You have not mastered this yet, on our scale.

Connect in with the waves and waters of your body. Feel the flow and surges. Feel them like the tides. Experience them within and without you, their effects within and without you. Whether a ripple or a tsunami, feel and experience each, equally.
Allow each motion to flow and ebb, ebb and flow. Experience each, equally.

Recognise the sensations of the smallest trickle within your physical and recognise the effect each has on you, your emotions and your existence.”

Moon: “I am here to help you keep that motion flowing, to help you recognise your connection to me, the planet and yourself. Recognise the parallels, similarities, synchronicities and feel your connectedness.”

Mother Earth: “I will stabilise you and help you deal with the rocky days. I will provide ground for the stormy days but they must be experienced along with the stillness.
You will not travel far on a still sea. I work with the wind.”

Moon: “We all provide for you. Look at my light.
The darkness brings me out and I expose the darkness.

The darkness helps me shine.
The darkness enhances my light and I enhance the darkness.

We bring the contrast of each other.

Without either of us, there will be neither of us.
I could not shine on a sunny day.

Find what enhances your darkness and discover when to illuminate it. There are times for it to remain dark and for you to rest your light, within, to allow it to illuminate you.

Choose when to rest your light and experience your true darkness.

You will also help others there, like a new moon provides for many.
A dark night provides protection and opportunities.

Embrace each phase of you: your light, your darkness, your day and your night.”

Mother Earth and Covid-19

Mother Earth is facilitating change again. Well played Mother Earth.

She has hit the ‘pause’ button on our busy-ness so that we may stop, look within, look around and question.

Taking this break to heal herself, Mother Earth shared:

“You are the Pandemic but you have been too preoccupied to see how far you have spread.”

Since mandatory isolation has been introduced in many areas, there has been:

waterways rejuvenating,

wild animals returning to abandoned habitats,

food excesses being shared with the needy,

increased animal fostering opportunities,

exploitive animal events being cancelled,

communities working together to help those in need,

families spending more time together

and much more.

It is a great time to pause, re-assess ourselves, our existence and what our being here with each other and Mother Earth is all about.

Through highlighting: unnecessary travel, excessive buying, consumption, health, hygiene, leadership and control, self-awareness, our fears of vulnerability, death, lack of control, lack of purpose and so much more, Mother Earth is bringing humanity back down to a local level of existence to be reminded of the basics. 

Ironically, the act of separation is connecting us with so much more and gradually bringing us all closer together.

This current period of isolation also offers us an opportunity to reassess our own purpose and responsibilities here.

We are being asked to consider this perspective:

“by volunteering control of a situation to another, we are giving them permission to control our actions and, thus, enable ourselves to become victims of a fear-based experience.”

When we attempt to hand a ‘problem’ over to another, we empower it. We then begin to slip further into ego and fear by asking someone else to ‘fix’ it.

Through trying to shift and release our responsibilities, to someone else, to change an event and its effects on our own lives, we surrender who we are and our purpose here.

Living in constant fear of stepping into our own real existence, we, instead, begin to live an existence created by, and led by, others.

The fear surrounding this latest threat to our species, COVID-19, has created chaos and when we exist in a state of fear-based chaos, our thought processes get severely jumbled. We forget to connect with our heart centres and try to exist, solely, in our head-space, losing connection with all other sensory and energetic capabilities. Humans do not focus and process logical thought the same when existing in fear. A fearful person or group will often panic, shut down and/or look for someone else to take control of the perceived ‘threat’.

‘Leaders’ will assume management, disguising control as leading, and those existing in fear and chaos will gratefully accept this ‘leadership’ because they have been guided to believe they are helpless victims.

We are being encouraged and reminded:

“Break the cycle by believing to disbelieve.

Know that your thought processes, reactions and actions are yours, not something to offer another to control.”

Control will continue until each one of us reclaims our responsibilities and realises we are the navigators of our existence, our thoughts, actions and belief systems.

We can choose to live in an existence of fear and separation or genuinely live in, and from, a place of love and compassion with each other.

We are gently reminded: “If you are feeling overwhelmed by recent challenges, take a big deep breath and feel yourself deep in your heart centre. Stay here for a few moments, to reconnect with self at Soul Level. This is your connection with the universal, unconditional energy of love. Feel it and take it with you to share with others.”

Polar Bear and Climate Change

“Understand that this is an occurring event. Our homes are changing, habitats shifting and lives are getting affected.

The fact is, simply, this is happening. Please be aware.

Imagine if this was your home falling apart. Primarily, it does not matter why or by whom. First act, then investigate. Whether you understand this as climate change due to humanity’s actions or a natural cycle, it is happening and assistance would be really appreciated.

Educate and research it as if it was happening where you live.

Our environment is shifting faster than we can adapt. Have you checked to see if/how yours is? Be aware of what is happening around you. Pay attention, be alert but there is no need for panic. Panic is fear-based and unhelpful.

What can you do?
Consider whether you need to adjust your adaption techniques to keep up with the shift.
Consider what you can be doing to ease the effects of the shift on yourself.
Educate yourself in what the shift in humanity is about.

Like I said, it is happening so it’s time to acknowledge that rather than bury your head.

If you prepare and allow yourself to adjust, it will be less challenging.

Learn about, and research, energies and vibration, connectedness and metaphysical knowledge. You don’t need qualifications in research, just discover and re-discover who you are and why you are. Understanding will come once you set your intention to be open to learning.

Whatever you are drawn to, go there, because what draws you will make learning flow more freely.

In the meantime, don’t forget to keep an eye on us, and others like us, to see if physical assistance is required.”

Gorilla’s Message
Mountain Gorilla, Zaire

“Value what you have. See what you have.
Look around you and be in it.

See the beauty in what Mother Earth and Nature offer. Treasure it. It is your lifeline, your sustenance, your ignition and fuel.

See past the concrete and human-created world to that which is freely available and obtainable.

Do not fear losing anything created by humanity, you are already provided for. An alternative exists should you chose it.

Release the need to rely on all that is human-made and create in union with Mother Nature.

Do not take the Natural World for granted.  She awaits your connection.  Sit and be still with her for she will feed and nourish you.

Only take that what you need and she will provide eternally.

Do not fear a lack, there will always be something provided when you co-exist rather than dominate.

Receive with gratitude and provide an offering in return. Whatever it is, when offered as an equal, it will be gratefully received.”

Ibis Community
Image: Ed Dunnens

The wonderful Ibis community were very grateful and excited to have their insight sought and shared. Apparently they don’t get asked very much.

This is their precious and unique insight:

“Don’t Settle.

Make the most of all there is. We have holes in existence for us to see the bigger picture and for the light to come through from other dimensions.

There are so many holes in existence which all lead to opportunities.

Visualise your plane of existence as a thick sheet of card. Then imagine tiny pinprick holes all over this card. As you look at the card from a distance, all you can see is the card with lots of little holes in it.
Now imagine yourself adjusting your viewpoint by moving up close to the card. Visualise yourself bringing your eyes as close as you can get and looking through the holes. Imagine your eyes adjusting and refocussing. You will now be able to see through the holes and begin to see all that was blocked by the sheet of card when at distance.

Begin to realise, even if it is unseen, there is much more beyond the plane of existence you are currently aware of, and experiencing.

Accept and embrace each pin prick as a gateway to an opportunity, to learn and discover more.

These little pin prick holes, in the surface of perceived insurmountability, are giving glimpses into what you can achieve and where you can go. They are letting light shine through onto and into your darkness.

However small the hole to opportunity appears, the closer you get and the more you look, the bigger the gateway to opportunity becomes.

Be willing, and prepared, to shift your viewpoint and perspective if you want to explore and discover more opportunities.

It is only you who can shift this viewpoint.

Are you ready to explore other possibilities? Are you ready to discover alternate existences?

Begin by looking, and feeling, for the light which is coming through those holes, however tiny they appear. Move towards them with your eyes and heart fully open.”

Thankyou to these beautiful, often misunderstood, birds and Ed Dunens for the wonderful image.

Image: Australian White Ibis by Ed Dunens.

Sheep of Lismore

A couple of months ago, I connected with some chatty, wise sheep in Ireland who wanted to share how many compassionate and loving people, when witnessing an animal in despair, often find themselves connecting with anger, frustration, helplessness and despondency.

I was gently told by these sheep, how many humans are challenged to connect with love when they see and feel other animals in challenging situations and environments such as intensive production environments.

This disconnection, they advised, is a developed human survival tactic, formed by acquired belief systems to disassociate between what they are seeing and what they are feeling.  The mind converts a sentient being into something ‘owned’, a ‘product’ or an whole species.  The individuality of someone, rather than something, becomes an oversight.

  This ovine community in Lismore, as a collective, asked us to not make their challenges our challenges but instead use the energy we feel and re-focus it towards love for them.  “Please don’t dwell in anger, hatred or frustration. Allow the initial emotion to empower you to act and not stay in the emotion. Feel and connect with the love you have for us, not focus on those effectuating events.  You are bypassing us when you focus elsewhere and we become invisible.”

Being unseen through distraction and unseen through indifference is still unseen.

The recent Queen Hind shipping tragedy in the Black Sea* converted this message into a challenging practical exercise for me when feelings of helplessness and despondency over-whelmed me to the point of actually becoming helpless.  I was so emotionally over-whelmed, I blocked my instinct to connect in with these animals.  After a reset, thanks to the animals, I was guided to check-in with the trapped sheep to ask them for their perspective and needs.

Following an initial request for group energetic healings to ease their Transition and trauma, their insight continued on from the conversation I had been sharing with their Irish counterparts a couple of months prior.

These compassionate sheep wanted to help people make a connection through realisation.  They were empowering people to make their own connection.  Bringing many communities, from very different perspectives and occupations together to save them, they forced these people to really see. 

Those involved in the capsizing and rescue were exposed to the suffering and trauma these beings endured.  They were also all exposed to love and compassion during the rescue.  All those previously unaware of how significant these sheep were to others, saw that people were connecting and genuinely caring for them.  Each sheep being valued for who they are, not what they are.  Perspectives were adjusted.  Not matter how big or small, it was a shift.

Many animals are sharing the message that it is this exposure to love which will bring about change.

“Light cannot be taken over by darkness. Light shows us what’s in the darkness. It shines for us to see.”

No feeling = No action.

The sheep continued to explain how, if we feel nothing there is nothing to stimulate us into action and we remain passive.  In this instance, the action of rescuing and recovering those trapped sheep created change itself.  It brought about a shift of energy, in individuals and globally.

Those who are healers, empaths and others feeling it strongly are being asked to be a connection between those experiencing the trauma and all those learning from it, including themselves.

By shaking the Universal Web, these wise animals are waking us all up.  Events will become more intensive until there is an implosion.  The sheep shared how it will not be a destructive explosion but an internal, implosive shift in growth.

The energy in the waters surrounding the Queen Hind created large ripples along the Black Sea, taking the effects over distance with them.  Effects which have already created change and opened discussion.

* A live export ship capsized in the Black Sea near Romania. Over 14,400 sheep died with 254 rescued over 5 days. All 21 human crew survived.

Bee Insight

I asked our bee friends “What is it we need to be doing?” and their reply:

“Be aware.
Be aware of what you can do, not what is going ‘wrong’ in your environment.

Just one flower will feed many of us and pollinate many plants.

Be that one flower and enrich your environment and others around you.

There are ‘layers’ within existence and we are the foundation layer. We provide a stable ‘base’ on which other’s survival needs rely.

If we are not healthy and our environment secure, the layers above us will be fragile. They will become weak and break down.

We ask that you help keep our environment fulfilled so we can remain healthy and support others, including yourself.”

The bees also ask that we shift our perspective to the plants.

“Think before you remove plants:
Would someone else benefit from having that plant in their lives? Why do you feel the plant needs to go? Who will be impacted if you remove that plant? Can that plant be replanted?
Plants offer us flowers as gifts. We work together. Please don’t destroy our relationship and combined purposes.

Encourage growth and harmonious living. Educate yourselves on ways to assist and work with us so we can assist you.

It is not about saving us, it is about supporting us.”

If one flower and one bee can do so much, imagine what one person can do.


I met this little fellow in England recently. S/he’d taken up residence at my sister-in-law’s family home and we greeted each other daily during my visit.

I nicknamed her/him Wyatt and this was Wyatt’s message:

“The Web is all – home, life and nourishment.

Humans are often clumsy, accidentally destructive. You don’t understand and see yourselves harming and killing. Even when it’s intentional, you don’t understand what you are doing.

Look after the web and it will look after you.
What we put in, we receive.

Even when you feel you’re in isolation, working on and connecting with yourself, you’re supported and connected with all.
You’re still giving and receiving energy with all around you.”

A wise, precious insight from another wonderful messenger.

Thank you, Wyatt.

Lismore Cows

“See us. 

SEE us. 

See US.”

Their message was simple yet persistent:

“Don’t just look.  See.  So many are looking past us as individual beings”.

A message which has come through from other species, and now these radiant cows in Lismore, Ireland.

“When you look at our herd, see the many Souls, not just one ‘item’.  That’s a classification.  We do not recognise or relate to each other, or you, as a ‘classification’.

We are not an unusual, inanimate creature so different to you.

You may appear different to us, but we still see you.  We feel you and know that you are here.

We come to you with love, we are not that different to you.  Connect directly with us, who we are and what we have to offer.  We are beings.  We are here and have purpose, just like you”

They repeated like a mantra, “It’s as simple as seeing us.  Not looking at us, seeing us.”

I asked these sentient, gracious cows why we are here as different species if we are so similar.

Their response:

“We have different tasks.  Like in a garden, there are different needs.  Different species tend to Mother Earth and our Universe from different perspectives and skills.  One may propagate while another ploughs.  A different species will fertilise while another cultivates.  Some species are there to simply offer their energy while others manage.  We all have a task and we all work together.

When one species takes advantage of the system, imbalance and disharmony will remain until balance is restored.”

At the moment, humans are the species taking advantage of other’s pacifism.  We are blocking the flow.  With help and guidance, we are gently being brought back into balance with our co-workers and co-habitants in the Universal Garden.

Sharing that they “want to bring stability and curiosity”, these cows encouraged us to “be inquisitive and discover things.”

Continuing with:  “Structure.  We see your bond with each other.  Your siblings, elders and peers.  It cannot go unrecognised.  We are dismayed that some humans do not recognise the same relationships we also experience with each other.”

“Awareness and sight.  Use them to see, observe and connect”.

Just like many human children entering recent lifetimes, Spartacus shared how he has entered this lifetime with knowledge and wisdom for his adopted family and others.  He emphasised it’s the young of all species who are bringing knowledge with them, not just humans.


This is Spartacus.

He is a young cat who has adopted the human family at Love and Nature Healing Retreat in Italy.

Spartacus shared: New generation = New perspectives. They are bringing new methods of connecting, teaching and growth.

Mother Earth has requested a new Board and Committee to oversee things. 

This confirms what was shared in recent conversations where the animals have shown there will be a shift in the generational belief systems of humans.  Instead of instilling their own beliefs on future generations, parents will be allowing children to access their own knowledge and belief systems that they bring with them.  A form of passive parenting and observation where adults will learn from children.  The young of all species being born now will remember previous knowledge, bringing their insight and messages through into this lifetime for everyone to learn from and grow.

There will be a new era of multispecies generations working together.

Sharing how he is here to work with the young daughter of his adopted family, Spartacus commented that he will be a Spirit Companion to her as well as physical.  They will grow together.  Spartacus is going to show her a balance between non-physical strength and gentleness, while sharing how to adapt to her environments, physical changes, situations etc.  Their bond is strong and they will learn and grow together.

Spartacus explained how this Spiritual and Physical Companionship will be replicated through multiple young new interspecies relationships.  Relationships built on equality, respect and compassion will evolve where humans see no more need to ‘own’ or feel superior over another animal.  Spartacus asked that adults choose to recognise this shift and allow it to happen freely.

The Animals explained that they have attempted to bring this shift through before but we (humans) were not quite ready.  It was too chaotic and their messages and knowledge were not being heard.  Humans have since calmed their energy and raised their vibration, as a species, and are now ready.  There will still be those who feel challenged and will resist but they now have an openness within them.

Spartacus commented “They are seeing with blinkers but they are still seeing.  Compassion with the truth will gently remove those blinkers and reduce the chaos.”

I was shown how some beings need to gently acclimatise their eyes to the light, to prevent shock.  Spartacus confirmed this with “they will be blinded and not see anything if it happens too quickly.”

We are being asked to spend no energy reacting to those who resist, just keep our energies focussed on sharing the truth, knowledge and messages being shared.

We will all have our ah-haa moment when we are ready.


Trixie is a recent mum who wanted to share how other animals not only teach us, they learn from us, too.

Following the Transition of her previous chicks, through human interaction, Trixie was reluctant to allow others near her new hatchlings at the time of my visit.  She explained how she had, initially, felt very blasé about her requirement to protect and was being taught its importance for survival.  She also understood the need to pass this survival lesson on to future generations.
Thankfully, all around her were respecting her wish for non-contact and honoured her lesson, offering her a safe place to nurture.

Trixie continued to explain how that challenging experience was a very big lesson for her as a new mum and hen, sharing how, as with humans, motherhood for all species can involve rapid learning ‘on the job’.

Remaining grateful for the time she enjoyed with her young chicks, Trixie confided how she wished for more time with them and would have loved to experience their growth with her but she ultimately understands it was their choice to Transition.  The reasons for their Transitions were not shared and I didn’t feel the need to ask.  It was between Trixie and her chicks.

By sharing the knowledge that if she had asked her chicks to stay with her in their physical, Trixie showed how they would have been living her version of their existence. She did not want that and instead honoured their journey, along with hers, choosing to concentrate on loving them every moment she shared with them.

Trixie wanted to remind us all to love who we are with, those we share our lives with.

“Give them all your love. Don’t feel you have ‘lost’ love when someone passes.  Reconnect with the love you have for those you are still with.”

That is how Trixie said she dealt with the physical ‘loss’ of her chicks.
She showed me over and over to simply “love someone, who is with you, with all you have.  Offer them your love as unconditionally as you’d want love.  Do this while you are together.”

Trixie noted how humans have an ability to provide this pure love more freely and openly only after a loved one has Transitioned.

Sharing how she experiences the pain and loss of grief, as humans do, Trixie mentioned how, by understanding that there was purpose and choice within these events, the longevity and deepness of the emotions she experiences is eased.

The emotions and feelings Trixie has in common with humans highlights the knowledge that all beings are, fundamentally, the same.  I have seen on numerous occasions how these sensitive creatures feel and experience as we do.  Trixie has chosen to love and nurture her new hatchlings, utilising her recently gained knowledge from humans.  Teaching, nurturing loving and providing for them, and their needs, freely as individuals while recognising the need for gentle protection.

Referring to how her chicks chose to Transition, Trixie asked me to remind others of their own free will and to respect it in others.  She wishes for all humans to make the realisation that we are all free and that freedom can only come from ourselves.  Unconditional love empowers that freedom in others, through the release of expectations of behaviour, physicality, love and presence.  It is only ourselves who can enable our own true freedom.

Structured definitions of society, relationships, community, genders and most aspects within human existence create boxes and labels encouraging conformity, filtered options, judgement and expectation.  Trixie shared how, if we simply chose to love those we want to exist with, and who we share our life’s purpose with, these boxes and labels become defunct.  We create them unnecessarily.

Animals tend not to expect from or ‘box’ humans, unlike the reverse.  They accept who we are, unconditionally, and allow us our freedom, physically and emotionally.  How we experience the relationship is our choice.

Many humans, as much as they love their companions, still hold some variance of expectation over them.  By providing for them, we expect returns of loyalty, obedience and/or companionship.  We begin to forget they still have free will and choice.  Through offering anything in exchange for something else, emotionally, physically or mentally, a relationship becomes unequal and can lead to inferred ownership.  Ownership over another’s actions, obligations, behaviour or otherwise.  A common misconception in many human-non human/human-human relationships but rare in non human relationships.

Some wonderful words and wise insight from the gentle Trixie in Italy.  If you have any questions or comments regarding Trixie’s message, please feel free to share.  The animals who are sharing these insights are keen to provide clarity and encourage discussion.