“By practising stillness to create a silenced energetic connection, and combining that with our physical senses, we are able to resurrect and fine-tune this language of communication, within us, to communicate with our Universal co-habitants.”

Animal Communication and Interspecies Communication are basically the same.

They are two-way multi-sensory exchanges of information between species:  a ‘language’ of energy long-forgotten by many humans.  Animals and other species communicate this way constantly.

Animal Communication focuses on communication between animal species. Most of us have experienced moments where we have felt a strong bond or a particular moment of connectedness with another animal.  This is the basis, the foundation, of animal communication.

Interspecies Communication incorporates animal communication. It is the same concept and uses the same techniques, but includes plants, nature, Mother Earth and any energetic being as well as animals.

Everyone has the ability to communicate this way and, thankfully, more people are hearing the call to re-develop this within themselves.

The world of Interspecies Communication opens up so many doorways between humans and other beings.  It enables understanding and clarity of sometimes difficult situations.  It offers knowledge and information that will benefit interspecies relationships and development.

  • Behavioural patterns,
  • Conflicts between same and multiple species,
  • Illnesses,
  • Needs,

and much more become easier to understand and resolve when you can communicate with all the parties involved. Healing is facilitated with communication.

Interspecies Communication takes us back to being one with all beings we share this beautiful planet with.  As animals ourselves, we are able to form strong bonds with other animals and species to hear what messages they would like to share with us. 

We have much to learn and share, and communication is the key for this to happen.