Communication Sessions

“Unbelievably talented in her readings, she is a source of great clarity and communication between the animals and humans of this world.”

Catherine Louise Birmingham, Author, Coach, Healer

Distance Communication

These sessions are conducted while the recipient remains at home or in their own environment.

I connect with the animal to request insight. If you have a couple of questions or messages for the animal, these are passed on during the session.

The session can be to focus on a specific issue, such as an illness, loss of appetite, injury, behavioural pattern, etc or it can be for a general wellness check. I will consult with you prior to ask your requirements and those of the animal.

Following the session, I will send a transcript of all that was shared during the communication. This is unfiltered, direct information from the animal.

These sessions last approximately one hour.

Particularly suitable for those who are too unwell to travel, if there are distance or time constraints, if the animal is timid or anxious, or if moving the recipient will cause more stress or injury.

Distance Communication sessions are as effective as home visits.

Each Distance Session incudes a follow-up consultation.

Home visit

Prior to the home visit, I will contact you to discuss any issues you feel may need addressing. During the visit, I sit with the animal to communicate these issues which we then discuss.

Following our communication session, I then share and discuss all that was shared with you on-site. A transcript is also sent to you following my visit.

Most sessions last approximately one hour but this is flexible to the animal’s requirements.

Please contact me discuss home visit availability and pricing.